HELP! Which one of these should I buy???

  1. Thanks to EVERYONE who responded to my thread regarding wanting a nice, classy quality every-day bag that isn't too casual nor too dressy, suitable for a 32 yeard old woman. I visited the websites of all the designers you mentioned. Great suggestions, ladies....thanks so much!
    Now I have four picked out that I like, I just need to decide on one!
    Which of these four do you like the best?
    Here are the websites.

    Coach - SIGNATURE SHOULDER TOTE in khaki/chestnut

    Coach - STEWARDESS BAG In british tan

    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL CONVERTIBLE TOTE : Paige Collection Handbags
    in british tan

    Cole Haan : Women's SMALL BUCKET TOTE : Village Collection Handbags
    in camel OR green, I'm not sure!

    Remember, I want something that's EVERYDAY, CLASSY, WILL WITHSTAND WEAR AND TEAR

    Thank you!


  2. Hi Daniela, only you can decide witch one to pick since you will be using the handbag on a semi daily bases.. What I suggest is virtually assembly your work attire to determine which purse most matches your wardrobe. I say pick one Coach and one Cole Haan, this way you get the option of a fabric and an all leather depending on your mood =)
  3. #3...Cole Haan convertible tote! Love the versatile color, I feel it's a touch classier than the logo coach and easier to get in and out of then the second. Also- the detachable strap is so convenient!!!
  4. Wow, you gals are making some really good points.
    I haven't thought of either of these two things.
    It does sound like a good idea to have a fabric AND a leather choice.
    And I know what you're saying about having the choice of handles AND straps....that is nice.
    Keep the suggestions/observations coming....please!!!
  5. Another vote for no: 3 - cute bag, and the detachable strap scores extra points!
  6. Thanks again for all of your responses!

    I usually tend to prefer brown, but is it still classy looking? Somehow I think black might look classier but I tend to be a little more casual than dressy and I have quite a few brown shoes. Hmmmmm....

    I need a style intervention. I think I might be too matchy-matchy. Someone give me advice! LOL:shrugs:
  7. black and nuetrals ( brown, biege) colors are always a safe bet. The bag shape and model also help determine the occasaion of which the latter falls under. Black is nearly always regarded as a safe choice, though some may view it as repetitive or boring, never the less, details on the purse allow it to come to life with embelishments such as embroidery, gomments, beading.. etc

    Browns shouldn't be underestimates, as this color category is highly versitile as well, women who think black is too severe often opt for a subtle dark burnished brown or a natural whisckey tan.

    a bag should always complement your outfit. check your closet and try to imagine which bag would work best for you.

    no matter what color a handbag is, if its polished and well made then is works, your style and personality will make it work.
  8. Out of your choices I like the 3rd one best.
  9. [​IMG]
    I know it's smaller than the other Cole Haan, but I still like this the best. It looks very classic, but not boring. And the handles look so soft! Like it would be great to carry. Good luck on making a desicion, all are great bags!
  10. I like the first Cole Haan best.
  11. I also prefer the first Cole Haan (the small convertible tote in British Tan). It seems to be the most versatile (detachable strap), and the least boring (the buckle accent is a subtle and classy, yet fun detail).

    Cole Haan bags are supposedly really good quality. Plus, they are less prevalent than Coach, so you're less likely to find someone else wearing the same bag.

    Good luck making your choice!
  12. Thanks again, everyone for your thoughts.
    I usually only spend money on a purse once a year, so whatever I buy, I'm pretty much stuck with for a while!
    I really love those shiny, colorful bags that brands like TANO and KALE have, but I just think I'd feel strange wearing them, like they aren't really me.
    Does anyone else ever feel this way?
  13. Another vote for the Cole Haan Paige ;)
  14. I perfer the Cole Haans, I am not a fan of signature or monogramming.