help...which one do you prefer???

  1. i start thinking to have a darker colour Bbag recently...I am struggling btw black or the latest steel? black to mee is really adorable and easy to mix & match, however the latest steel is really special too...Noir or Steel?

    Another issue is which style should i get, i always wanna have a Part-time, but there are also similar style...i wonder PT or City or Twiggy? work and weekkender maybe too big for me?

  2. I have the RH black PT that I use all the time and love it to death :heart: It's edgy yet subtle :heart: On the other hand, I wouldn't mind a steel... :drool:
  3. Black bag is easy to work with... goes with practically everything. I personally don't like the part time... I prefer the city.
  4. Well, you can buy a black in any style every season but steel you can only buy right now before they run out (or later on eBay, etc). Steel is def. more special and though I haven't seen it IRL it seems that it would easily pass for black as long as you're not holding a black next to it. I don't know, I'm not much help, am I?
  5. I have a steel city and it is gorgeous and different without being too different if you know what I mean. The leather is lovely too. I am only small so I tend not to carry anything bigger than a city everyday (although I do have weekenders for travelling) but if you like bigger bags, a steel work would be a very good choice.
  6. i would pick steel over black since black is made every season. i like twiggy the best but it all depends on how much stuff you need to carry.
  7. thanks all supporting statements!!! it helps clearing up abit of my confusions i suppose.

    is that steel a combination of blue? i never see it in real or i actually don't regconise it from the black...i just see photos that posted up...its rite, black have it every season, steel is unique for this season...

    is twiggy less space i mean comparatively smaller than other ones? same as Brit, i am kinda tiny, so weekender is too huge for daily use...butmaybe twiggy is smaller than i wanna be?

    i always want a PT, but nowadays there is fewer choices of colours so black would be the one i the same thought as GirlyCharlie, "its edgy yet subtle"

    often struggle btw PT and City, can i know their actual difference? coz in measure i can just see one is longer /shorter the other taller/thinner...
  8. Twiggy can fit ALOT in... it looks small but you can definitely fit alot in there... its very feminine and funky at the same time IMO...

    as for the PT... yea it's just an inch longer than the city... i love the PT... its a great bag... very versatile... altho some dont like the width...

    I think if you're not used to big bags... then twiggy is the right choice for you... but if you're the type of person who carries your whole life in your bag then go for the PT....

    HTH! keep us posted! ... oh, and i vote for the Steel! (coz I'm getting the steel so I'm biased!)