HELP! which one: '07 Grass Giant Day vs. '07 Grass City


'07 Grass City vs. '07 Grass Giant Day

  1. '07 Grass City w/ regular hardware

  2. '07 Grass Giant Gold Day

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  1. Hi!

    I somehow got hold of two juicy Vert Gazon bags and don't know which one is best for me. The DH has his strong opinions and dislikes the giant hardware. I like them both, but can't justify two in the same color.

    Which one do you think looks better on me?

  2. You are too adorable! Love the 3rd pic where you are frolicking with your GH Day!

    I voted for the City RH. It just flows on you. The GH Day is scrumptious, but if it were mine, I'd probably get tired of it over time because it's such a statement piece. The City RH is very classic...the green is vivid enough to stand on its own! JMO!!!!
  3. OMG- I LOVE your photos!!!! Especially the one of you laughing and smiling :yes:
  4. Shoot, I voted before I saw the pics. I actually like the RH better in this case so I agree with THE DH!
  5. I voted for the day with GH on this one. There was just something that looked right about it on you.
  6. I really like the GH with the grass green in the Day, so that's my pick.
  7. :yes:You look awesome with the GH Day!!
  8. I vote for GH day.... you look awesome:smile:
  9. Thanks, KristyDarling, JudieH, Glimmer, chuggie, spay_and_neuter, malleysmama and Poptartlr for your comments. And thank you to every one that has voted and will vote.

    It seems like the Giant Day is winning by a hair. Is that the one ya'll think I should keep?

    What if I told you I have a Vert Gazon wallet in the regular hardware...does that change your vote at all?
  10. Love your pics! You look like a very outgoing, fun gal, so I think the GH really suits your personality and it looks great on you!:jammin: Maybe DH will grow to love it just like the rest of us.:graucho:
  11. I voted for the grass RegH....but I `m in love
    with the other one too..???:confused1:
  12. C you are so cute and adorable.:p I vote for VG giant Day.:yahoo:
  13. Giant Day HANDS DOWN!!!!!
  14. Those pics are so great! Do you have any GH yet? I'm having a tough time deciding and need more info. I'm leaning towards the RH.
  15. I agree with what KristyDarling said - RH! :heart: CLASSIC.