Help, Which New Kristin?

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  1. I went to the Coach store today to check out the new Kristins. They had them in the back since they aren't due out until Friday. Tried the black leather. Then stopped at Macys. They were putting theirs out already. They had the Graphic op art Kristin, Coach didn't have it. Love the way the Kristin fits on my shoulder with the shorter strap. But cannot decide which one. The op art has sequins and am wondering how it will hold up. It has "bling", but not too much.The leather is absolutely wonderful, very soft.

    Does anyone have any input for me about the sequins and if this one could be an all year bag? The SA said to clean it with ivory liquid soap since it can't be cleaned with Coach cleaner. I am at my wits in which one to purchase. I'm one of those "mature" women, over 60.

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  2. I think the black leather one is darling!
  3. I think either would be fab, personally, but how much would you be using the op art? It has a good deal of color in it, will it mesh well with your wardrobe?

    I can't speak on the sequins, they'd make me nervous too!
  4. I like the Graphic op art Kristin!!!!
  5. Pay no attention to the over 60 thing - get whatever one you love!! It's not like the red Poppy Spotlight that is ENCRUSTED with sequins, the Kristin is much less complicated.

    Having said that, there is something about the Kristin line that is so timeless, elegant and classy that for the first time I am actually considering a neutral (gasp!!), the taupe in particular. At first I was considering the turquoise op art, but the more I look at the lines on the Kristin, the more I love the basic colors, so in that regard I love the black for you.

    But if you already have a bunch of black leather bags, or you are only choosing it because you think it's more "age appropriate" I say to heck with it and get the op art if you love it. Life is too short to be too practical. :P
  6. I like the black.
  7. Go with the black.
  8. I love the mulit colored one. I plan on buying the teal love that color
  9. I agree with Crissy - age is irrelevant. However, I DO Think that you would be limited with the Op art and it does seem to be a bit more Spring/Summer. It's not really my style, but I DO think it is pretty and I would definitely appreciate seeing it on someone else. If you wear lots of prints, it would certainly limit you, but if you don't want it as an everyday bag and more of a statement-on-occasion bag, it would be great. I, personally, would go with the black since it's very universal and could be worn all year. The taupe is pretty too. I actually plan on getting that one on Friday. Let us know what you decide!
  10. I like the black one a bag for all seasons.
  11. I'm so excited that you are getting the taupe - I have a feeling that is the one that I will end up with. You have to post pictures and tell me all about it afterwards!!

  12. I want the black or blue leather one!:yahoo:

  13. Thanks for posting feedback! I really like the black one. Which size did you try on? Was the drop okay?
  14. VERY WELL SAID!!! .... ditto what crissy11 said. If you already have a nice black leather bag, then buy something fun...get the OpArt! If you don't have a nice black leather bag then pick that one. Its very timeless and classy. Good Luck decidng and let us know what you get! :biggrin: ...I wouldn't worry about the sequins..not enough on there to worry about. It will be fine. ;)
  15. teal version? I must've missed something. Is there another op art Kristin other than the one pictured above?