Help!!! Which LV MC should I get as my First???

  1. Hi all LV Lovers

    I have finally decided to get a LV MC to add to my collection, not that I have many mind you. At the moment, I have a Gucci, Chanel, a few Prada's (not nylon).

    I recently bought the Chloe Paddington at the NAP sale, but I don't like it when it arrived, so I am going to return.

    So... am thinking of getting LV MC now, thinking about the Alma or Ellipse.. and a matching long wallet (Porte-Tresor International)..

    Which do you gals think I should get the Alma or Ellipse? And if Ellipse which size?

    Any other LV recommendations welcome!

  2. By MC, do you mean multicolor?

    Ellipse does't come in it will have to be alma ;)
  3. what about the priscila? its the closest thing to the ellipse =)
  4. Maybe she means mono canvas????
  5. When you say MC, do you mean "multicolore"?
    Or did you mean monogram canvas?
    Because MC usually stands for "multicolore".
  6. Yah, sometimes people say MC for Monogram Canvas. Usually MC means Multicolore.
  7. Sorry gals I meant Mono Canvas! Oops!

    How do I edit my Thread?
  8. just click the "edit" button that's on bottom left of the 1st post.

    looks like you are thinking about getting a handheld mono. of the two, i prefer the ellipse. if you like the shape of the alma, get it in epi or damier! :yes:
  9. Hmm.. I cant find the edit button.

    Im open to suggestions on which LV really, I did conside the epi leather, but I have read on this forum the mono canvas is more hard wearing??

    I dont like handheld too much, but LV does the nicest bags in the handheld style... dont they?
  10. ^^^might be too long, you can only edit for awhile...

    Anyway, out of the 2, I like ellipse, best :smile:
  11. I think the Ellipse is cuter. There's something about the Alma that i don't like. I haven't figured it out yet.
  12. Poshinstyle and Twinkle.tink - which size Ellipse is better the PM or MM? Do you gals have one?
  13. I like the Ellipise.
  14. Actually I love LV shoulder bags more. Did you consider batignolles horizontal/vertical or cabas piano/mezzo or also popincourt haut love those.
  15. I like the Ellipse PM.:yes: