Help - which LV for my mum?


Which LV for my mum?

  1. MC white Trouville

  2. LV mono Alma

  3. LV mono speedy

  4. other - if yes, which one?

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  1. Hey there LV ladies,

    this is my first post in this forum as I only have 1 LV item (white MC agenda - :love:) - my mum is the LV person in our household. (I showed her some of your collections and I think my father will have to provide for some serious spending - ON TOP of all the recent classics she got for herself - FINALLY - i am quite the enable, hehe)

    anyway, back to topic:
    she wants to get an LV canvas (already has epi) but we are not sure of the shape and style. will got to try them out at the boutique but all of you have a lot of experience with your LVs so we wanna get some of that!

    it is supposed to be an easy maintenance, easy to access bag that will last - but it is also meant to be for summer (not only but anyway). so which one do you recommend? any of the above, and what are your experiences? or another?

    she is a super classy, very elegant lady - working professional but a grandma of two as well.

    thanks for your help.
  2. ALMA!!!So classic!!!
  3. I vote for Alma too...
  4. Monogram Alma.
  5. Pricey - go for White MultiColore Speedy
    Budget - Damier Azur Saleya
  6. LV mono Alma:yes:
  7. mc white trouville. mc white is a fun bag with all the gazillion bright colors of monogram. Your mum will be happy 2 open the present. Make your mom feel younger than she is.
  8. MC Trouville :love:
  9. Alma :smile:
  10. Alma ;)
  11. :smile:Hi dear, this is my advice:
    MC white trouville naaa, definitely not. It's too particular, not for work, fun but no classic.
    I would suggest you the Alma (very elegant and chic) but then I choosed the speedy because you said "to be an easy maintenance" and the Alma has the bottom in vacchetta, ;).
    Some people love the patina, other "live worried" caring not to ruin the bottom.
  12. Alma!
  13. :yes: I'm saying the Alma too - it's a classic, relatively affordable, iconic bag which I consider well suited to almost everyone!!

    Someone posted in another thread actually that the alma and the speedy are the most purchased LV bags!!

    One thing's for sure, if it was the other way around, and I was buying for mum...I'd definately purchase an Alma! Two thumbs up for me!!
  14. I would go for the alma.
  15. Damier Alma is extremely classy and low low maintence. If your mum can handle the vachetta Monogram is second minor low maintence. Final Alma is the Nomade minor maintence. Otherwise if you can spring the money I think the Suhali Lockit is the all around bag for classy and can be worn year worn.:love: