Help! Which LV bag to buy??!!!

serendipity3kb said:
Batignolle definately hand held and I found it difficult to put on your arm if you are wearing a coat, if it tips over in your car you are in trouble its shorter than the vertical with no closure of any kind. Batignolle vertical very nice shoulder and you can still carry it by hand if you have to. My favorite is my Damier papillon I can get it over my shoulder and I love the pattern but it isn't for everyone, that style has been carried for over 40 years. Damier satchel is nice but you can't get that on your shoulder either. They are all so different, if you are looking for long term I would go with the batignolle vertical if you tire of it as a bag it would be great to travel with.

Thanks very much for your info! Sounds like you've put a lot of thought into this also! I might just spring for the Vertical then. It won't be too big on a petite person like myself?
I like the vertical the best. I would go with that one. Just bought the limited edition coffee table book "Louis Vuitton" today!
Thanks Kimmy or Madeline for the heads up!:love: Can't remember who posted that it was available. Sorry.
Well then it's settled! I'm going to march right into the boutique and grab myself one...or two...:shame: I just can't stop!! I might just drop by this weekend to try on my new future-to-be-pal. I just hope they don't sell out of them when I actually go to purchase one next month. Have y'all had any experiences with the Batignolles vertical being sold out in your area?
Jeans or a night out? I would definitely pick the Damier Papillon 30. You see the LV monogram everywhere and the Papillon is actually REALLY popular in that collection - it's nice to show it off in Damier.