HELP!! Which LV bag should I buy for my mother on Mother's day??

  1. My mother likes shoulder bags, really loves damier, but loves the monogram too of course. I had these bags in mind:

    1) Saleya PM - $815,
    2) Cabas Piano - $835,
    3) Popincourt Haut - $785, or
    4) Suggest a different LV bag - $___ < $1000

    I kind of want this bag to be a surprise to her. But, at the same time, I want her to pick whichever one she likes best. Should I take her to the LV store? Or should I have you guys help me choose for her?? I would really appreciate any input just incase I end up buying one to surprise her! Thanks guys!! :biggrin:

    PS. This is my first thread! Yay!! :yes:
  2. Welcome!!!:flowers:
    I know a lot of ladies on this forum are fond of Pop. Haut. I saw it today @ the store and it's really nice.
  3. I think the P Haute would be nice. It's a good size (the cabas is bigger though, if she likes big bags) and very pretty. Good luck!!
  4. The Salya PM or the Cabas Piano.
  5. You might also consider the Batignolles Horizontal. A lot of us on here have it and love it.:love:
  6. i like both the cabas and the popincourt haut.
    i got my mom the popincourt haut last year for mom's day, and it's really cute on her.
    for my mom, i knew she would use that more bc she wouldn't have toto worry about the vachetta on the bottom like with the cabas.
  7. I bought my Mom a Popincourt Haut earlier this year as a gift and she loved it! My mom also prefers shoulder bags and it worked out perfectly for her.
  8. How about suprise her with a mother and daughter shopping trip to LV and let her pick out a bag!
  9. Good idea. If you can't do that the cabas piano would be #1 for me and #2 the popincourt haut. Look at the other bags she uses frequently maybe that will help you decide.
  10. Get your mommy something that you'd use also. Half the time my mommy likes using another one of her bags so I don't like letting the bag I got her just sit in the dustbag.

    Me and my mom share.
  11. 3) Popincourt Haut

    If she doesn't like it she can exchange it for a different bag :yes:
  12. Why don't you take her to the LV store and let her go thru the while shopping experience? I'm taking her to the store this Sat to have her pick out the bag she wants. ;)