Help which Leigh color please.

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  1. I have a whiskey Ali and a black Mandy. I am wanting a Leigh. Which color should I get-whiskey or black? With the black will it look to much like my Mandy? Will the whiskey Leigh look to much like my Ali? Or are they all so different it does'nt matter?
  2. Maybe you should get a totally different color like raisin or juniper or camel. If you prefer whiskey or black then just don't worry about it matching your other bags, you're not going to carry them at the same time, anyways. hehe
  3. If you want a different colour than your other bags the raisin Leigh is really gorgeous but if you don't mind another black bag :smile: I like the Leigh best in black. Not that the other colours aren't nice but the black leather is extra soft and the hardware looks amazing against it.
  4. My first choice would be to go for a Leigh in an entirely different color (like the raisin, as suggested above). But if not, then I would go for whiskey because the Mandy and Leigh look so similar.
  5. I agree, I would get it in another color because the bags are all 3 somewhat similar. If you only want it in whiskey or black I don't really have a preference.. I guess whatever you think you would wear more. :yes: