Help! Which legacy bag???

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  1. I'm deciding between the legacy shoulder bag and the legacy shoulder zip. :s

    To make matters worse, I can't decide between black sig or black leather. If I go with the shoulder bag, I'd prob get it in sig since the bag is already heavy because of the hardware.

    I want this to be my "everyday bag," but I also want a more classic look so that it won't look overly dated in a year or two. I've seen & held both in person, and the zip goes over my shoulder a little bit better, but the shoulder bag has the two pockets... :shrugs:

    Can owners of either of these bags tell me how they feel about them or why you decided to go with the one you did?

    (I attached pics of the bags in sig for variety)

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  2. I love the shoulder bag. My pic is the leather. not much difference in the price but if your worried about the weight then the signature. Have you seen this bag in person? I love it online and I am going to have to "visit" it at the store soon!!
  3. I have the shoulder bag in signature. Its pretty light holds all of my things plus more! I was afraid it wouldn't stay on my shoulder well but I am in love with the thick shoulder strap.
  4. Yes, I've seen them both in person and have tried both on. They're so lovely :smile: Both turned out to be (pleasantly) larger than I expected, but what really surprised me was the shoulder zip. It looks so "bleh" online, but it was kind of cute in person. I came home with the shoulder bag, but I find myself thinking about the zip..
  5. I have the black leather shoulder bag and LOVE it! I couldn't believe how much I could fit into it because of the pockets! It fits on my shoulder great and I love the wide shoulder strap. I don't find it to be heavy personally. I know it may not help you much but I don't think you'll go wrong with either bag whether in signature or leather. I chose leather because I already had a couple of signature bags and wanted to try out a leather Coach bag. I'm really glad I did!
  6. I have the shoulder bag in whiskey leather and I LOVE it. I've mentioned before that it's like someone at Coach found my wishlist for everything I'd want in my perfect everyday bag and came up with this.

    The bag is quite heavy BUT, because the shoulder strap is so wide, it is actually very light and comfortable on the shoulder. And like tlloveshim said, it holds a lot, way more than you'd expect.

    I like the looks of the shoulder zip, too, but it wasn't quite big enough for my "everyday" needs, which sometimes include a small water bottle, magazine, diaper, snack, etc. The shoulder bag can hold all of that and still be comfortable.

    Let us know what you decide on...and post pics!
  7. the 1st one bcuzz i like the double buckles.:yes:
  8. I have both of these bags as well. I have the white leather shoulder zip (pic below in my collection link) and the shoulder bag in the khaki sig/ebony leather combination.

    But like Sialia mentioned because of the wide strap it seems to balance out the weight nicely. It really doesn't feel as heavy. I also have a Hamptons book tote, and while a bit larger, doesn't feel as heavy when it is empty. However, carrying the same amount of stuff in them, my shoulder and back are sore by the end of the day with the book tote. Not so with the Legacy Shoulder bag and it's all because of that wide strap.

    Good luck. I love the shoulder bag so much, I am thinking I need the white leather/khaki signature version when it comes out in February.
  9. i would go for the shoulder in leather and i don't think it would be that heavy, but if you are worried about that then stick with the signature.
  10. Do any of you shoulder bag owners have a problem with it being particularly slouchy if you don't put enough in the bag?
  11. actually fits more comfortably under my arm when it's not totally full. It does tip over a little bit when I set it down, if it doesn't have much in it, but not enough to bug me.
  12. i have the leather shoulder bag and get compliments on it every time i wear it - it hasn't slouched on me at all - very comfortable to wear - can't say enough about it - go for leather!
  13. Not surprisingly, I am going to put my vote in for the shoulder zip. I have it in black leather and also in khaki signature. It is the most perfectly sized bag I have ever owned. I'd never buy the shoulder bag because it's way too big for me but I think it's gorgeous. I am very petite and it would look ridiculous on me - I also don't need that much room. If I did, and if I was taller, I'd have one, though.
  14. I have both and I have to say the shoulder bag with the two pockets is the one I like better - still a good size, but holds more and the pockets are quite convenient.
  15. Out of curiosity, what are you shoulder bag owners putting in the two pockets? I'd imagine one to be for the cell phone but the other?