Help! Which hat should I buy?

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  1. I really want a toki hat and I love the military style ones, they come in black, pink, and I think green-all camo style. I just can pick a color. Im torn between the black or the pink. Please let me know what you guys think! btw, they are super expensive, but I really like them!
  2. I like the pink one. I heard they are on the small side.

    I would like to get one as well but since I heard that I decided not to. I think my head is too big, ha! ha! :p
  3. Is it one size fits all? Hmm......
  4. Where do you live?? JapanLA has them or had them I doubt they're this much $$$ there.
  5. I believe they are one size fits all and I like the pink one too!!
  6. Aww, im here in the middle of nowhere midwest!
  7. Oh okay, as long as you're not in another country you can call or email japanla and see if they still have them. It might save you some $$$. They chargesend. give it a shot! :graucho:
  8. I think the black one would match more things...depends on what color clothes you wear I guess lol.

    That price is kinda crazy...maybe you should call JapanLA and see if they have anymore their blog when they first got it...Jamie said they were $35.
  9. Yeah, I thought they were somewhere around $40. $70 is kinda high but if you :heart: it, go for it!! :graucho: I'd check w/japanla first though.
  10. HAHAHA there were no responses when i opened this thread, it took me THAT long to write my response (cuz had to login to myspace to see how much hats cost) and you girls all beat me to answer her! HHAHAHAAHAHHA.
  11. Don't buy one off eBay!!!:lecture: The Giant Peach has them for half that price. I just received my pink camo hat today (ordered on Monday). I love the pink. The hat is a little snug, or maybe I just have a big head!:confused1:
  13. I had bought the black cammo and it didn't fit :sad: My heads to big. It is one size fits all but obviously it doesn't.:crybaby:
  14. aww :sad: i dont wear i never bother lol.