Help! Which handbag should I choose?

  1. Hi girls:smile:

    Im a newbie on tPS who needs a bit help!
    I want a new handbag which I can use as an 'everyday bag'.. After a long thought, its down to these two:

    1. Louis Vuitton Manhattan PM


    2. Fendi b bag (Light canvas with black patent leather)

    Which one do you guys think that I should choose?

    Maybe some of you have one of these two bags? If, whats your experience with that particular bag?

    Looking forward to hear your opinions!

  2. It is really hard to go wrong with a Louis Vuitton. Very classic.
  3. Youre absolutly right! It is very classic..

    Maybe its more timeless than the Fendi?
  4. I don't have either but I personally like the LV better, which is odd because I don't really like LV. The Bbag just seems too trendy and a little heavy for everyday.
  5. I LOVE patent. LOTS. I have a cream patent I love to carry year round. :heart:

    But the black patent Fendi is really "look at me! Yoohoo, over here. Look at ME!" it has also been faked all over the place. Just look in your local neighborhood mall... in the shoppes to on all the teenagers arms.

    I would go a bit more classic for an everyday look, IMHO. Just something you could wear to work, school, out with friends or Mom, etc :yes:
  6. I took a quick look at LV bag and all I have to say: Yewww. Did I spell it right?:smile:
    Do you really want to be one of “those” girls carrying possibly authentic logo bag?
    I absolutely avoid any logo bag weather it is LV, Gucci, D&G, Cavalli, or “wonderful”Burrberry. There is nothing classic about it. Sorry it screams I am just off the boat and aspire to look rich and famous.
    To me those logo bags are equivalent of Sparkly t-shirt with a huge VERSACE sign across. Stay away form it. You will fall out of love with it the moment you see it sold on the street corner by Somali refugee.
  7. I do not like any of these two choices.
    Before you choose any everyday bag, consider the followings:
    1. style (This is a personal choice, but an important one.)
    2. weight (very important factor, especially for a daily bag)
    3. size (Does it fit your frame? Is it roomy enough to carry all the things you want? As a petite person, I prefer smaller size bags that just have enough room to carry my belongings. Forget about the water bottle and extra sweater, unless I want a travel tote.)
    4. functionality based on your needs and use (Is it easy to get in and out of? Are the contents safely secured from accidentally falling out or pickpocketers? Do you prefer a hand held only or some means to slip the bag under your shoulder? Double handles or single handle or shoulder strap?)
    5. material (Is it luxurious looking, less prone to wear and dirt? Not a fan of LV logo canvas.)

    I made many mistakes in the past in bag purchase. Since I do not like waste, I now refer to the above checklist when shopping for a bag. Hope this suggestion helps.

    Perhaps you want to post another thread asking for recommendations, but make sure you include some guidelines such as price range and preferences (e.g., hand held or shoulder bag).
  8. Well I actually like the LV monogram, I find it very classy which is a style that I absolutly L.O.V.E:heart:

    I dont see myself as "one of those carrying authentic logo bag". I dont buy it because its popular but because it suits me and my style, and also because because of the very high quality LV bags have.

    I do agree with you about the cheap fakes being made.. Its such a shame! BUT - as long as I can tell whether a bag is real or not, its working for me:smile: