Help! Which Gucci should I buy?????

  1. Ok, so I am sooo tired of looking on eBay for an authentic bag. My birthday is coming up next week and I am buying a new Gucci. I love them all but can only get one.....any thoughts??? I know they are all different but I simply can't decide. p.s. the tote will be in the cream. Thanks!!! :yahoo:
    abbey.jpg britt.jpg abbey tote.jpg
  2. I would get the tote

    or the hobo

    not a huge fan of the first one.
  3. Thanks, Philagurl. I was leaning towards the Britt Hobo but can't tell how big it is? That is actually the least expensive of the three!
  4. I think the abbey shoulder bag (the first one) it's a classic shape and it can hold quite a lot! I have it in blue script canvas and I love it! All of them are good choices though, good luck with your decision!
  5. i have the first one, except in w/ brown leather..and i love it. the second one looks a little flat in person. my friend has the third one and she loves it..
  6. ahhh! I love any cream and logo combo! But if I had to choose, it would be the Britt, then the Abbey.
  7. I pick the 2nd one. I have it and of all my bags it is the most comfortable to carry.
  8. We have the same taste merjean. I only like the cream leather. As you know I have the first bag. Funny thing is that I have considered buying both the Britt and the last bag. Personally I like the last one best cos you can handcarry it and it has the most structure. Do you know what else is nice in the cream leather combo? This bag below.


    I only got this one cos it was on sale else I would have gotten the one witht he regular canvas. This one is the Abbey tote.

    The Britt is a nice bag, beljwl has it. I tried it on and it's very nice on the shoulder but I am biased towards more structured bags that I can handcarry. So out of the 3 I would say the last one. I think beejerry just got that with the platinum leather trim.

    Have you tried them on yet?
  9. Yup beljwl has the britt. Just noticed her post before mine. Duh!
  10. the first one
  11. out of those three, I would pick the second - the new britt hobo. But if you could spend more, I'd get the small pelham..........I just got it and I LOVE IT!!
  12. that's really tough, but i say the third one.
  13. The 3rd one - I have it and love it bc it's a great every day bag - easy to get in and out of and cute!
  14. I used my pink abbey today and I have to say the New Britt is SO much more comfortable to carry. My strap kept falling down. Like I said before the New Brit hobo is my most comfortable bag to carry of all my bags.
  15. I would get the first one, I think its classier than the others. Let us know what you decide and happy birthday!