Help, which Gucci marmont double G belt, 1,5 cm or 4 cm width???

  1. I really need your opinion of which belt I should buy. It's the Gucci marmont double G belt but which width do you think will fit me the best? The 1,5 cm or 4 cm width?

    I want to be able to use the belt more regurlarly and that’s why I´m concerned if the 4cm width will be to large and scream GUCCI.
    I´m working as a civil servant but in my office we do not have any dress codes but I´m always stylish at work :cool:
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  2. I bought the wider one because I want to use it high on the waist and it looked better than the thin one. I believe overall the wider one is more flattering. The thin one looks cheap in real life. Just my 2 cents
  3. Thanks for your opinion.
    I don't live close a gucci store thats why I can't see the belt IRL. Hmmm....
    I think I will order both belts and return the one I dont like :smile:
    Shipping and returns are for free.

    Thanks again.
  4. i prefer the 2cm one, it can match nicely with one-piece or pants. and the logo is not as big as the wide one, so it seems more versatile to wear. But of couse, the wide one looks very chic too!
  5. I prefer the bigger one, it looks better to me but it really depends on what style you are trying to go for
  6. What do you want to wear it with?
  7. I highly suggest ordering both and trying them on and sending the one you don't want back.

    I am petite (5' 2") but I have a small 25 inch waist but wider hips. I thought the thin belt would look better but when I put it on, it make me look short, squatty and made my hips look even bigger. No thank you.

    When I put on the wide one, it make me look hourglass like. Huge difference. It is all about your body type IMO. They looked TOTALLY different on me and I picked the wide one because it looked most flattering
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  8. Good idea :tup:
  9. What size did you get? What size would 80 be? The Stores around me usually carry a few bags. Definitely no belts unless they were returned.
  10. 80 refers to length of the strap
  11. Haha ofcourse I know that. What I should have asked is what size is the 80 in American Sizes? I wear a 25 in jeans.
  12. I'm a 28 waist so you'll def need smaller
  13. Thank you for letting me know. I'll just wait until I try jt on personally at the boutique or department store if they eventually get it.
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  14. I wear 85cm my waist is 29". But of coz trying the size at shop first is better.
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  15. Hi,
    I ordered the 1,5 cm wide belt and I absolutely love it :heart:
    It was the right choice for me, beautiful and discrete for work.
    Regarding lenght of the strap I measured with measuring tape on 3 different type of pants to see which size I needed to order. Take a measuring tape around your pants (like if its a belt) and then you will see what kind of size you need to take (I hope you understand what I mean). I was between 80-85cm so I took 85cm because it's more likeley I will gain weight than loose some :giggle:
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