Help! Which Gucci bag should I keep out of the 3?

Go for #2. Its hard to say, when you havent seen them in person. But I know from PP's thread, #2 is a great size. I love the combo of the guccissima leather and smooth leather put together, and it looks very nice in cream.

The first bag, the GG hardware, looks overbearing for that style. You wouldnt get as much use out of it.

The last one is python, and sort of delicate I would think.
tough call, you live in CA so white is okay year around, I believe....however in the Mid-west it's not appropriate to wear white past labor I would have to say, keep #1 - everyone needs a great black GUCCI, then I think I would keep #2 and get rid of #3...that's my opinion...good luck!