Help! Which Elise should I get?

  1. Someone from another thread posted a site, where I can get a recent style elise in beige (see 1st photo).
    Another choice a a qulited elise in chalk white (see 2nd photo of topaz elise for an idea of the bag).

    In terms of the style and colors, which one should I get? Please vote and explain why.

    I read from other threads that there is a concern of light color bags turning yellow. Which of these two colors will have a problem?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    MJ elise.jpg quilted elise.jpg
  2. Love the quilted with the pocket on the front. The patchwork is not my favorite, but that's just me.
    In terms of color, I have never had a light colored bag turn yellow, but I have had a bad time with my dark-colored denim jeans staining the leather of my lighter bags. Just be careful and treat it before using.
    Good luck!
    You will love it either one you choose!
  3. I like the style of the 2nd one better.
  4. I like the patchwork too, just my personal preference. I don't think the Elise fits the quilted look. As far as color is concerned, I have never had any light colored bags I own turn yellow. Not too sure about that. I too have been very careful about dark jeans and light bags. Always treat them before wear and I don't think you will have any issues. Good luck with your decision.:smile:
  5. I really prefer the quilted Elise. :heart: I have a white Sophia from 2003 and it hasn't yellowed at all. If you keep the purse in the dust bag and out of direct sunlight when not in use I think it should be fine. Good luck with your decision!
  6. Love the second one! Its less trendy as well IMO.
  7. I really love the Topaz one. It's gorgeous!
  8. I definitely prefer the quilted version over the patchwork. It's such a classy bag and the quilting really compliments this style so much.
  9. I like the topaz better as well. It's more classic looking I think.
  10. topaz! topaz! topaz! the color says it alllllll
  11. Just out of curiosity are you referring to the white chiffon quilted Elise or the patent Ursula Elise in chalk?
  12. I am referring to the regular quilted leather Elise, and NOT the patent bag. I am not sure about the shiny look of patent leather. I prefer the soft, under-the-radar look of non-patent leather. Why? Should I consider patent leather? Am I missing something?
  13. Well you mentioned you were concerned about the bag yellowing so I just thought I should warn you that the white chiffon has definite yellow undertones. Some people like it others don't. Have you see in IRL yet?