Help: Which dress to wear for a wedding?

  1. I'm attending a wedding next month; cocktail attire is required. Do we like any of these dresses? Please rank from best to worst. I'm also open to suggestions, as long as the dress costs <$200. Thank you!
    guest wed dresses_final 4.JPG
  2. I'd say the first or the third. I really like them all, but the second seems a little matronly, and I'm just not feeling the last. The order would be:
    1. First dress
    2. Third dress
    3. Fourth dress
    4. Second dress
    Hope this helped!
  3. I would second that!
  4. btw, here are some cute dresses I found:
    [​IMG]Basic'll wear it forever $175 from
    [​IMG]This one's adorable, but slightly out of your price range $215 from
    [​IMG]Just barely out of your price range (eek! i'm bad at this) $215 from
  5. I like pictures!

    [​IMG]J.Crew $150
    [​IMG]Anthropologie under $200

    [​IMG]Anthropologie under $200
    [​IMG]Target! $44.99
  6. ^^^I agree!:angel:
    People tend to wear their little black dress for evening wedding . Lighter color for sure will make you stand out from the crowd. :drool:
  8. macys London Times deep v neck beaded halter.jpg Macys Nine West dress silk jeweled accent dress.jpg Macys Evan Picone dress taffeta burnout velvet dress.jpg Macys London Times printed mesh halter dress.jpg Macys Donna Ricco Matte Jersey halter dress.jpg
  9. 1. Third
    2. First
    3. Fourth
    4. Second
  10. 1. fourth
    2. First
    3. second
    4. third

    Im not feeling the whole rope as a belt idea. sorry!

    Nordstroms finds!

    [​IMG] $158

    [​IMG] Comes in two different styles this one and
    [​IMG] both are $158

    [​IMG] $178

    [​IMG] $198 i love the detailing on this dress!
    [​IMG] comes in 4 colors

  11. i like the first and third, I know they are the same except the color... but it looks so elegant .
  12. Love love love the second dress !
    The others have neckllines that everyone else will wear.
  13. I knew I could count on you all! Thank you for your opinions and suggestions. I'm trying to stay away from black, if at all possible. I love these:



    [​IMG] Too bad it's black!

    I also love the Macy's picks. Thanks passerby!

    I will look some more and then decide.
  14. 2, 1 , 4 , 3 . Apparently i'm in the minority . i love the second one , I'm a sucker for cap sleeves .

    I must say that Target one is pretty cute too !
  15. wow!! that Target dress is very similar to the Chanel SJP wore to some awards!! love it!!!