HELP - which do I choose????? ughhh

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  1. #1 Feb 22, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 22, 2010
    OK so I need my Gucci fix... but I dont know which one of these to get! the sukey (chocolate one) does not come in till mid april.. that is my negative on that one. HELP, your feedback is appreciated.
    1.Horsebit Tassel 2. Sukey Guccisima 3. Bamboo Bar
  2. 2. Sukey Guccisima
  3. agreed! the second one :smile:
  4. Sukey guccissma
  5. yep #2
  6. LOL ok so far Suekey is in the lead.. that is what my heart wants... but my mind is desperate for something now! lol
  7. Definetly the sukey, I'm not keen on other 2 but I love the sukey!
  8. Another vote for the guccissima Sukey! Can you order a matching accessory (wallet, shoes, etc.) for the Sukey? The matching accessory will help keep you looking forward to your gorgeous new bag :graucho:
  9. Sukey all the way! Have you called your local boutique to see if they can track one down for you?
  10. 2. Sukey Guccisima

    3. Bamboo Bar

    I would say the #2 with #3 being my second choice..
  11. Sukey - it's worth the wait if you can't find one in a boutique!
  12. Sukey! I love mine. I just saw some last week in the Vegas stores. Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace.
  13. Sukey!!
  14. Sukey for sure!
  15. sukey guccissima