HELP! Which Diamond Watch? Technomarine or Philip Stein?

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Which watches should I buy? (I want two)

  1. Philip Stein Large Double Diamond & Philip Stein Mini Diamond Watch

  2. Philip Stein Large Double Diamond & Technomarine Diamond Watch

  3. Only Technomarine Diamond Watch

  4. Only Philip Stein Large Double Diamond Watch

  5. Only Philip Stein Mini Diamond Watch

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Hey Everyone!

    I need your help! I can't decide which watch to get...I am trying to decide between Technomarine Diamond Brezel Watch with 1.20 ct diamonds or the Philip Stein Mini Harmony Diamond Brezel Watch with .50 ct of diamonds

    I know for sure that I will be buying the Philip Stein Large Double Diamond Watch with 1.64 ct. diamonds because I wanted that watch since i saw it on vacation a few years ago. However, if i purchase the Philip Stein Mini then will it be too similar to the PS Large???

    I found a pretty good deal on the Technomarine watch and the fact that there are more diamonds on the brezel makes me think its a bit of a better deal too...however, I have never seen a Technomarine watch in person! Does anyone here own a Technomarine Diamond watch? Are the diamonds really shiny and good quality? I have seen the PS watches in person and the diamond quality on those watches is amazing!

    Also does anyone know of any reputable online sources to buy these watches? The link I provided for the Technomarine watch is from have heard of them before but do they sell authentic watches? Also there is a seller on ebay that goes by the name of "daveswatches" that sells a lot of desinger watches including Philip Stein...does anyone know if this seller is reputable??? Or does anyone know of any other sellers?

    I need to make a decision by tomorrow morning so any advice would be very much appreciated!

    Thanks so much!
  2. ? anyone???
  3. I have a couple of thoughts. For me personally, I like having watches with different looks. If you think you will definitely buy the other Phillip Stein in the future, I would not buy a Phillip Stein now. Even though the watches are different sizes, the look is the same.

    I have a Technomarine that is very similar so I will pull it out and take pictures a little later (when my dh isn't around to see what I'm doing). Mine is black and while I loved it I had great trouble reading it because of the color of the dial. I'm sure that will be evident in the pictures!

    I come back as soon as I can with pictures... :smile:
  4. Aww thanks so much ssc0619!

    Yeah, i kinda had a thought that they were too similar...I can go for the technomarine now and then the PS Large later on.
  5. #5 Jul 5, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2009
    Here's some pictures as I promised



    I am not sure you can get a feel for how hard my watch is to read in these pictures. I think the black dial has something to do with it, but I looked at it again closely and I think there is also another reason. If you look at the hour and minute hands closely, you can see they aren't solid. The center of each hand is open--so you can see the face of the watch through the center. Not sure I am explaining it well, but I wanted to point it out!

    Good luck with your decision!!! :smile:
  6. ^Yes, I can see what you mean about the face being hard to it a black face with red numbers?

    The one that I just purchased has a white face...I got a pretty good deal on it...provided that it is authentic.

    Can you also tell me a bit about the Diamond quality on these watches? Are they really shiny and Not dull? Also any tips on how to authenticate the watch?
  7. I agree if your going to buy a Philip Stein watch down the line I would get a Techno Marine watch now.

    I love ssc0619 watch it´s so pretty.
  8. Mine has a black face and silver numbers, but only the numbers 1, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 11. The chronograph dials take up the space for 2,3,6,9,10.

    I actually bought mine on Bluefly...probably about 5 years ago. I figured because it was Bluefly that it would be authentic (I was a bit more naiive back then!), so I don't have any authenticity tips.

    My diamonds are nice and shiny--not blinding, but you know they are there and are diamonds.

    I hope you love yours! Please post pictures when you get it! :smile:
  9. I think having two of the same style watch is overkill IMHO, plus I think the Techomarine you picked out is really lovely!
  10. I have the same style technomarine with a stainless band. I absolutely love it. the diamonds are of wonderful quality...not dark or flawed at all, & very sparkly. IMO the PS is trendy. they are both trendy to a degree, but the PS style is iconicly PS, so I think that dates it more.

    what have you decided?

  11. ^thanks so much for the info on the watch!

    I purchased the technomarine watch and got a really good deal on it. I have wanted to Philip Stein Watch for a while now so I will be buying it later on! I can't wait till I get my Technomarine watch!!! This will be my first nice watch!
  12. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you will love it. what color is your band? I'd like one with less diamonds & a pink band.

    be careful, watches can be addicting! ;) can't wait to see your beauty when it arrives!
  13. thanks! mine is the exact same face with the same amount of diamonds and it comes with a black crocodile band, the stainless steel band, a clear rubber one and a metallic pink leather strap.

    I actually wonder if the band is REAL crocodile or crocodile embossed?

    I hope i don't get addicted to watches! I am addicted to too much already lol
  14. Thanks to everyone for the advice! I will be sure to post a picture once i receive the watch!
  15. ^the band will be stamped on the back. it will say crocodile leather or embossed leather. that's how you'll know.

    I need to take a pic of mine & post for you to see...