Help! Which Crossbody bag should I get?

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  1. I currently have four LV bags, and feel the need to add to my collection with a daily use cross body. I want to use it for errands, kids' athletic meets, just general running around. I have a Mono Speedy B 35, a Mono Neverfull GM, a DE Neverfull MM, and a DE Eva. I also have a few SLG, mostly in mono.

    I would like to get a crossbody bag from LV, but my nearest store is 200 miles (3+ hours) away. Right now, my life doesn't allow me to go to the store, so I need to do this on-line.

    I am 5'11". I love my Neverfulls, but they get heavy (since they never get full, they rarely get emptied). I love my Speedy B -- but not as a cross body as it sticks out too far from my body (in fact, I kind of wish that I just got a Speedy instead of the Speedy B). I love my Eva, and it is a great cross body, but it is too small for my daily needs. SO -- anyone have any recommendations for me? I need a LONG strap. I did try the Pochette Metis (love the organization, and the style) but the bag hits at a weird place on my body when it is worn cross body (more at my waist than at my hip).
  2. Have you look at the mabillon? I've been stalking that purse for awhile.
  3. I like the Mabillon. I wonder if the strap is long enough? I am also thinking about the Bloomsbury and the Odeon. I am just not sure about the straps on any of those three bags being long enough. My Eva strap is the PERFECT length of strap for me. :smile:
  4. Thanks for your response!
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  5. I am a huge LV lover, but didn't love any of the current cross body bags- so I went with a (gasp) Gucci disco bag :smile:
  6. I am so with you. I went through a LV crossbody search a few weeks ago. I have too many LV bags, but none for a good sized, carefree, everyday, crossbody utility bag where I can throw in all the junk I need for 2 kids plus my GM Agenda, wallet and still be stylish enough to not be embarrassed by it. I love the size of the Neverfull but I don't like how it is so open (my bags are not as organized as I would like) and I wanted something without vachetta because I want to be able to use this bag without thinking twice about it - placed on grass soccer fields in the rain, travel the world with us (planes, trains, autos), go to the beach, etc. Most of the true LV crossbody bags were too small for my needs so I ended up looking at the Delightful, Caissa hobo, Duomo hobo and Melie. I figured that I could add a crossbody strap from one of my other LV bags to the bags that are not crossbody. I opt for function over babying my bags so I wasn't concerned about scratching the brass parts or canvas/leather by adding a crossbody strap. The SA helped me to figure out what straps would fit as a cross body for each of the bags I was considering. In the end, I went with the Melie with the added mono strap in pink because I don't want vachetta but depending on what is important to you - size of the Delightful, zippered top of the Duomo hobo, beautiful trim of the Caissa hobo, zippered exterior pockets of the Melie, etc. will drive your choice. Also, the length that you want for the crossbody, I don't like when they are at my hip, prefer higher so that will also decide your choice. I would pick your top 3 needs for the bag and then decide that way. Hope that helps
  7. SHOCK! GASP! Quelle horror! [just kidding] Hope you are enjoying your new bag!
  8. Exactly! Sounds like I may need to look at a bigger bag -- the Duomo and the Melie bag is beautiful! Great idea to add another mono strap to get you the function that you need. Did I read correctly that you were able to buy the mono strap that you needed to make the Melie function best for you?
  9. I highly recommend Odeon PM. It fits way more than Eva and does not stick out. It beautifully fits along your bodyline. I own two Speedy Bs (mono and empreinte), Neverfull MM, Petit Noe and Pallas Clutch. Odeon is used mainly weekend outing with my kids and its outer pocket is perfect for keys and cell phone. Its strap is adjustable, bit long for my liking but I'm 5', I'm pretty sure the length works better for your height.
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  10. I got my Duomo bag last December and have been using it almost daily since! The strap is adjustable and comfortably long for cross body wear, so I would recommend it to you. I was planning to buy Bloomsbury originally but SA recommended Duomo as the newer model, and I'm very happy with it! It looks a bit dressy even, with lots of nice detailing: double zipper, studs on the bottom, etc. Very roomy as well, because of the wide bottom. HTH!
  11. I second the Mabillon. I have the old model Pochette Metis and I love it but wil be taking it in due to the glaze is cracking and one spot is almost completely gone. And I'm only 5'2 so I could see how it may not fit well on you being 5'10. People seem to love the Bloomsbury and the Odeon though. I've been watching the Melie clubhouse because I really want this bag, but day after day people are noticing the corners are fading, peeling, bubbling, etc..... And many are problems after only a few uses. This has been going on for months and it doesn't seem to be getting fixed. There is also the Pallas BB, but I honestly don't know how much it holds or the length. Plus it's a little more than the other bags being discussed. One more thought.... What about the Tureene? Hope you find the perfect bag[emoji6]
  12. LOL. My next LV bag is probably going to be the Estrella in noir. No vachetta, big enough to hold my kids stuff (ages 4, 3, and 1), can be worn shoulder, arm and cross body. Check it out- it's gorgeous! I never paid attention to this bag online because it doesn't seem as big as a tote- but it's almost the size of a neverfull mm.
  13. Btw I also like how "rare" Duomo is; I've never seen someone else carry it, and where I live you see a LOT of LV, most popular being Neverfull and Eva with Speedy's of course :smile:
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  14. Thank you!
  15. Yep. I have all the "basics." And now I realize that I need something a little more specialized. And unique is a true bonus.
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