HELP!! Which costume should I wear for halloween?

  1. So I've narrowed it down to these final four ladies. I need to know asap because I have to order it online. Thanks!!
    aupair.jpg kittycat.jpg maidservant.jpg sexyfrenchmaid.jpg
  2. anyone? hellllp!
  3. Either the 2nd or 3rd one.
  4. I like the second one. My daughter likes the first.
  5. I'm going as the 3rd one,i tried on the costume and is gorgeous.
    the second and third are my favorites ^-^
  6. The third
  7. thanks for all your opinions!

    rinsohma, where did you try it on?
  8. The second or third. The first is cute, but more like lingerie than a costume. (Of course, that's probably the point!)
  9. Agreed, second or third :flowers:
  10. 3rd
  11. I like the 3rd outfit!
  12. i like the 3rd the best
  13. 3rd one.
  14. I think the second one is pretty cute.
  15. i REALLY like the third one!!