HELP! Which cosmetic pouch should i get...?!(PICS)

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which cosmetic pouch would you get?

  1. monogram pochette cosmetique

  2. vernis cosmetic pouch in gold

  3. vernis cosmetic pouch in silver

  4. vernis cosmetic pouch in pomme d'amour

  5. vernis cosmetic pouch in amarante

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  1. I'm undecided on a few different cosmetic pouches... :confused1:which would you choose? Or do you have one of them and adore it? i like the mono pochette because it would sit upright. im not so sure if the vernis can sit on its own. but the vernis are beautiful! and ive never owned anything "mirror" from LV. but im nor sure which is nicer, gold or silver? and the pomme or amarante are very pretty too. (i already have something in violette.) this is why i need your help!! :yahoo:im exited already! New LV for me!!:police: THANK YOU!!
    images.jpg da2a_0.jpg
  2. I have the mono and love it! It fits my powder foundation, blush, liquid foundation, stubby brush, and blemish coverup. It's a great size and the interior is a material that you can wipe down with a damp cloth.

    The others look so cute but I would worry about functionality.
  3. vernis violette or pomme or the mono!
  4. I find the Mono Cosmetique is more practical and fits longer items like mascara, liner, etc and classic!
  5. I've had my mono pouchette cosmetique for over two years and used it every single day. It still looks brand new and is highly practical. I like the little pocket inside a lot! It's so easy to change bags because I just move it with its contents inside over. Otherwise, there'd be a least 20 little items that I'd have to transfer and that would be way too much trouble = )
  6. monooooooo...
  7. I prefer the mono one hands down. It holds more and will look gorgeous for many years. While the vernis is pretty, the edges tend to "blacken" a bit over time. My pomme 4-key holder is just now starting to do that from being held, so I don't think it would stay beautiful quite as long. I love the functionality of the mono one and the fact that 5 years from now, it will still be going strong and beautiful.
  8. I have the pochette accessories for my cosmetic pouch - just because it can also double as a stand alone bag if I need something smaller. I would recommend that ! ;)
  9. I voted for Gold :biggrin:
  10. Either the Mono or the Pomme
  11. ^i agree, if u actually want to use it as a cosmetic case.

    i have the silver cosmetic case and never use it like that because it's too delicate to be kept inside another bag IMO. but i do put a chain on it and use it occasionally as an evening bag.
  12. i love the vernis cosmetic pouch in pomme d'amour =) thats my vote
  13. If you need a lot of room, the mono. It holds a ton.
  14. most def the monogram.
  15. I got the silver because I never had a mirior piece and its beautiful-I keep alot of lipsticks in it and a compact. I do still want to get a larger makeup bag for my dresser-maybe the larger than the mono you're looking at; but that mono sure does look nice too that you may want. Good luck-tough choices!