HELP!?!?!?! Which combo is better for the Ursula...see pics...?!

  1. Can everyone give me an opinion...its my ever so crap attempt but it will have to do!! I will leave it to your imagination as to what the 'cut up' version looks like!! Unless someone has got a real picture of it!?!?!!?

    I had no choice but to find bits of a white ursula and piece it together and there are not many of them around on the internet!

    Which colour combo is better between the two....:confused1:
    1.JPG 2.JPG
  2. the second one
  3. I agree I love the second one
  4. second one
  5. I like the first one with more pinks and purples.
  6. I like the color combo on the first.
  7. Yeah I am a pinky person and lurve all the pinks, but the 2nd one seem to contrast better?! If only I had a proper pic of the pinky version!!

    I am still not sure which one!!

  8. I prefer the second....has more of a variety of colors! =)
  9. I like the second actually.
  10. My MC Speedy is too pastel for me. The first one I had was perfect. But my SA picked my second one so I didn't want to say anything. I do think the 2nd one in the pics contrasts and stands out more.
  11. second one
  12. second
  13. it would be nice with all of the pinks like in your very creative first pic
  14. i like the second color scheme better.
  15. 2nd. Variety is key!