Help which colour should I get?


Which colour should I get?

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  1. Blue/Pink

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  2. Grey/Blue

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    Hi all! I’m thinking about getting a Miu Miu wallet, this would be my very first item from the brand, but now I can’t decide which colour to get. The blue/pink is very girly and pink is my favourite colour. The grey/blue also very nice and I have 2 grey bags that I can match with. Please help me decide! TIA!


    Ps: It’s actually grey/ green (turquoise), not blue, lol!!
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    I was also thinking if getting this style last month and preferred the grey one online, but when I saw it IRL, it didn't impress me as much as I thought it would... It is nice, but I don't know, maybe this smooth leather is a little too stiff and shiny for this size, I prefer softer wallets :flowers: So I'll probably get the Mughetto (pink) Madras leather one with the large metal logo... well, for now I got a coin purse in this size :smile:

    In the pictures I took at the Milan boutiques, you can see also a black and pink version of the bow wallet :smile: From the colors that you posted I'd pick the grey one, because this style is already very girly so a neutral color balances it out nicely I think :smile:

    IMG_9697a.jpg IMG_9740a.jpg
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  3. Hi! Thank you for your opinion and the photos, so many eye candy, hahhahha... I actually just got the grey wallet few weeks ago, I decided to go with the grey to match my 2 grey bags. So happy with this purchase and looking forward to buy more Miu Miu in the future.
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  4. ^^ Ha, nice to hear, congrats! :biggrin: I think you made the right decision... Miu miu items are great, it's my favourite brand actually :love: :smile:
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