HELP!! Which colour for my new B-bag?!?!

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  1. I am in desperate need of a general consensus on which colour to get.

    :crybaby:I was almost going to buy the mint day but i couldn't stop looking at the electric blue one.

    The electric blue one is an amazing colour especially in this photo due to the flash, but it looks kind of dull against my black jackets and coats etc for winter, but won't really matter in the summer.

    However, mint is such a cute subtle pastel colour, which i don't own!! It brightens up my dull coloured jackets and coats, great for summer, but not sure of it during winter.

    This is a tough cookie!! Please help me decide!
  2. Heres photos for your reference...

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  5. everyones personal preferences please?
  6. i like the lighter one.
  7. I think the mint looks better than the electric blue...unless you're getting the electric blue day with GGH :nuts:
  8. Mint. Looks nice against the black. Though the blue is amazing when you see it close up...I think it looks better with GH though so mint.
  9. I agree Mint looks better on you I think :smile:
  10. thanks guys! Really appreciate your opinions

    haha...the sales was like...ur not suppose to take pics but i'll make this a one-off because she saw how frustrated i was!
  11. Ahhhaa !! funny !! I asked the sales to take pics today as well !! She told me she had to ask the boss. Then she came back and told me it was ok because the pic was with an Iphone and not a real camera;)
  12. haha! isn't it still a camera? oh long as we're happy! what did u take photos of?
  13. I took pictures of the Tempête bags !! Especially the GSH Day that I will probably buy very soon :biggrin:

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  14. Mint! :smile:
  15. mint!