Help! Which color should I pick for my camellias sunglasses?


Which color should I get for these sunnies??

  1. Brown with Black Camellias

  2. Black with White Camellias

  3. Neither!

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  1. Hello everyone!! It's poll time again!! Today I went to SCP chanel wanted to just check out some bags, well, with no intention I started playing with the sunglasses and I kinda liked the Camellias sunglasses, they are quite comfy and the shape of the sunglasses go very well with the shape of my face. Problem is I am not sure which color I should pick. Due to my Asian yellowish skintone and my natural dark brown hair, I always prefer sunnies with brownish frame and lenses over black, brown just look better on me. But for this particular pair, I am not sure how I like the black camellias on the brown frame (normally I do prefer camellias in white coz, well, they are supposed to be white!), my DH said the white camellias with black frame is a nicer contrast, but the brown frame one probably looks better on me due to my skintone and hair color. SCP Chanel doesn't have the black frame with white camellias in stock so I didn't get to try them on IRL, but the brown looks quite good on me. Since SCP only had a display left I have them ship a pair of the brown one from the Bellagio boutique, but now I am thinking should I get the black frame with white camellias instead...

    Which color should I get??
    Chanel Sunglasses.JPG Chanel Sunglasses black.JPG
  2. i personally love the white camellias on black- so fresh and pretty. the camellias really pop due to the contrast.
    i don't like black on brown items usually.
  3. do you think the contrast is too flashy??

    Do you think I should get both colors home first then return the pair I love less? I do already have a pair of brown with pinkish trim oliver peoples sunglasses (very 60s), so maybe I should get a pair of black one.
  4. Black is classic Chanel, but the brown ones look understated and classy which I like, I would get the brown.
  5. yea, today at the store I was trying to picture how the black one looks like and I thought it might be a bit too flashy, the brown ones do looks more understated.
  6. personally, i don't think it's too flashy, but maybe it'd be better for you to get both and try them on at home. if you already have brown sunglasses though, why not expand your collection to include a black pair?
  7. maybe I should get both and post pics of me wearing them and you gals can vote! Me being the model, that would be fun!
  8. ^haha, that WOULD be fun! you should definitely do it!
  9. BROWN! :wlae:

    I've got light olive skin, and brown Chanel sunnies always looks better on me too. :supacool: I own one pair of black Chanels with white details but I hardly use them, I always go with my brown ones which also makes my face look more glowing. The black ones make me look kinda sick and pale. :s
  10. I like the brown a LOT better. They just look nicer, IMO.
  11. I'm asian too, and I think the black frames are just too harsh with our skin tones. So I voted for the brown.
  12. ooh..I just picked up a pair except the flowers are on the front corners of the lens..I actaully like that style better.I got brown with black flowers..Ill post a pic after Ive had my AM coffee!LOL!
  13. I voted for black w/white camelias! :smile:
  14. I have a brown/brown pair from last season -- similar. I thought the black/white was too contrasty.
  15. I voted for the Black with white.