Help! Which color should I get?

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  1. I'm planning to buy a Chloe Edith and would appreciate any opinions on which color to get: Jade or Wiskey.

    I plan on using it as an all-year, wear with everything work bag. I wear a lot of black, brown, red, teal, and greens. Lately I have been wearing a lot of neutrals but I'm hoping to add more colored pieces.

    Which should I choose? :confused1:



    Thanks in advance...
  2. I like the Wiskey, it goes with all of the colors you named. Do they have a black or dark brown, if not definately Wiskey.
  3. i LOVE the whiskey - i've seen the edith satchel in whiskey and the color was so gorgeous.
  4. I love both of those colours but I think that on that bag the whiskey looks much better.
  5. I would get the jade, just to add a splash of color. Both are gorgeous though.
  6. i like the whiskey
  7. I would say it depends on what you need the bag for. Would you use it for everyday or as an accent piece?

    The whiskey would be good for everyday. Not sure, though, how it will blend with the colors of your outfit so it will depend a lot on how you mix and match the pieces.

    The Green would be better as THE accent piece for an outfit - not something that you use TO BLEND WITH the outfit. I have a Bal in sapin green which IMO looks a little like this shade of green and it's kinda hard to mix and match it with my outfits. So I'd say, if it's for an accent, I would suggest a brighter shade of green.... :smile: Good luck with your choice..
  8. I love the green!!!!

    But if you want a year-round colour that will go with everything - I would recommend the whisky - which is just as nice!
  9. Whiskey is so pretty!
  10. gotta go with the majority and say whiskey! i think the stitching stands out so much more, giving it that extra ooomf:tup:
  11. Whiskey!
  12. I hate to complicate things but I just found it in red too... what do you think?

  13. Their sizes are not the same. Maybe that will help you to make a decision.
  14. I like that red colour but for a long term go with everything bag it's got to be the whiskey! ( have you seen the muscade colour?) have a look through the piccies on the chloe forum to see all the colours.
  15. I love the jade, but I know personally how wonderfully versatile whiskey is! I vote whiskey because it's a truly rich color that goes with everything.