Help! Which color Kitchen Aid stand mixer?

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  1. So I went to Dillard's today to finally get a KA stand mixer, and I was pretty sure I wanted the Pistachio colored one, but then I saw the almond cream color and my heart was torn! I ended up not buying anything right then, so I could come home and think about it. As far as matching the color of my kitchen goes, that doesn't really matter to me, as I currently live with my mom. I love the Pistachio one because of the gorgeous sea foam green color, but then I love the almond colored one because it just looks so classic, and vintage, and like it's been around forever.

    So my question for you is...which one do you like better? ( they are the two on the bottom shelf in the middle) The colors are pretty accurate but the almond creme one shows up a bit more buttery yellow in this pic than in real life

  2. Green one
  3. I like the pistachio one too...go with your first instinct! It looks so fresh. I had a red one, and love it! It's a great mixer!
  4. I'm actually renovating a new house and am in the process of putting the kitchen together. I've probably spend way too much looking at these mixers. The pistachio is very pretty, but strikes me as a bit retro (which may be exactly what you are looking for). I prefer the almond - a very warm and inviting color IMO.
  5. i like the pistachio, but if you are a matchy-matchy person, i would get something neutral that would match your future kitchen
  6. Pistachio!
  7. I definitely love the pistachio best, but remember you KA is probably going to be with you for life.

    As bagahoic85 rightly mentions, if you do want to have it match future kitchens, just consider the colors you are most likely to be decorating with in the long run.
  8. Pistachio for you..ORANGE for me!! that colour is sooo pretty!
  9. We have a black one and we have a white one. It's hidden in a nook for electrics in our kitchen so we don't see it until we need it. Get whatever color you want!!

    If you have copper pots (we do - and believe, me we are jealous of what I'm about to tell ya) check out the copper one at Williams Sonoma...... it's BEAUTIFUL! And $800.
  10. I love the yellow one, always have ;)
  11. Almond cream
  12. Pistachio. It has such a fun, vintagey feel to it. The cream one is pretty too, but it's a bit too sedate for my taste. I think that the Pistachio would make any kitchen look fun!
  13. I prefer the almond, the green looks a bit like bathroom tile to me.
  14. Both are lovely!! I'm leaning toward the Pistachio, but the almond is so yummy I don't think you can go wrong.
  15. Between the two, I like the Almond. But I REALLY like that tiny sliver of green I spy on the top shelf!