help! which color is closest to 05 turquoise?

  1. i really like the turquoise color, do you guys know which color this f/w season had one close to it? i liked ocean but it felt like there was none of the turquoise undertone, and i was looking at the s/s 2008, well a glimpse.. but i don't think i see anythingn close to it. what you guys think is the closest one to 05's turquoise?
  2. I don't think anything from FW 2007 was close. As you say Ocean is definitely a blue, with little or no green in it.
    From what we've seen so far, I would say Sky Blue from 2008 will be closest, a pale but bright blue, but again there's little turquoise:
    I think you'd be better off sourcing an older bag! It's such a rich gorgeous colour!
  3. I agree with Kymara!!! Turquoise is hard to duplicate!

    if you like the blue/green color....then S/S aquamarine is close!
  4. which one is the s/s aquamarine? is it from last season? id din't really pay close attention to the blues last season
  5. what about vert d'eau? that's kinda turquoise..
  6. isn't vert deau the mint green?
  7. Yes, Kymara is right. Aqua is somewhat more muted....but probably about the closest you'll get to a turquoise/teal color!!!! Believe me...I'm dying to find my HG '05 turq twiggy...but the aqua is doing just fine for me too!
  8. While I don't have the Money anymore, here are pics of 05 Turq and 07 Aquamarine, both being very true to IRL color:

    05 Turq:


    07 Aquamarine:

  9. ^ drooling here :drool:
  10. thanks guys, i see a bit similarity but there's also A BIG diff if you know wat i mean. turquoise is such a beautiful color, i think if its different its different u know? like how so many reds are out there but each one has a diff undertone or boldness or watever to it. turqupise have tat unique color i can't really describe but it sure is beautiful. i think i'm gonna wati it out even if it'll take me 3 years. ut if there are any news.. PM me!