Help! Which Color Garden Party MM should I purchase? Black or Brown?

  1. Any opinions on which Hermes Garden Party MM looks better?
  2. Hi and Welcome!!! I think it's all personal preference, really! You cannot go wrong either way!
  3. Thank you! Can't believe it took me this long to join!!

    My first instinct is the black, but I feel the brown is just so much more of stand out color in this bag?? Am I off?? Thanks for the reply!
  4. i really adore it in brown. it's really yummy.
  5. I would definitely go for brown then! It is gorgeous in that color! And so versatile!
  6. I say brown!!!
  7. I posted a thread a while ago about brown or black? I have way more black bags, so for me, I am looking forward to my next purchase, which will be a brown bag for sure! But everyone is right, it is a personal choice! Good luck! (OR, just get them both! :cutesy:
  8. Both!
  9. Yes - obviously personal preference, but I too say brown!
  10. Thanks everyone! I'm feeling the brown may be the one as well. Definitely have more black bags, also just bought the new Chanel Biarritz tote in black.

    Taittinger212- LOVE the Goyard!!!
  11. Love both but the brown is my favorite.
  12. Would you be willing to consider brighter colours? I personally think that GPs look better in lighter colours.
  13. ^ITA. Definitely more fun.
  14. Dear Ms. M:

    Definitely Brown because it gives you color and very versatile....

    Let us know what you end-up buying and share your joy with us!!!
  15. Have the black was one of my first H purchases. If I had waited a bit longer and pondered it a tad more, I would have gone with the brown. Brown brings out the detailing all the much better; and not to mention that a brown bag usually ages better than a black bag in canvas.