Help! Which color for my first???

  1. The hermes bug has bitten me and now I am obsessed:nuts: I have spent endless hours on the PF going over every thread and pic I can find! I want a birkin and I want it sooner rather than later! The more I look the more I want!!While I would prefer buying at a boutique I do not live close to a decent one so it may be eBay/resellers for me....

    I thought I was dead set on a gold togo 30 cm but now I am leaning towards black togo. I can't decide!!!:confused1: I think I want the gold-it will go with everything!! I wear lots of blacks,browns .. Arghhh!!!! I want both but I can only have one for a long long time.....And then I see all the gorgeous colors and I love bluejean,rouge... Help!!!! I can't get addicted to hermes like I did LV and chanel!!! It's way too expensive!! Am I doomed!:push: Which color is a more practical choice if I can only have one??
  2. Gold.
  3. I like the gold.
  4. I can't get mine until 2008 but I am going through the same dilemma. I can't decide between rouge H, gold or noisette. :graucho:
    Between gold and black I think I would choose gold because it will go with, browns, would be a great neutral! :yes:
  5. I picked Gold Togo for my first bag because it goes with everything. Most of my wardrobe is black but I do also own some navy and brown which, in my opinion, doesn't look right with a black bag.
  6. 2008?? I REALLY should wait also but I have no self control!!!
  8. Gold is classic, but I love black, and it was my first as well, so my vote is for black.
  9. Only because next year is my Kelly year, then Birkin in 2008, then a rouge Massai or Plume in 2009, then... heehee at least that's the plan for now! :yes:
  10. I guess I have a different way of looking at it than most gals. If I could only have one Birkin I'd prefer a colorful one. Hermes does color so well!

  11. shopmom-your new gold birkin sent me over the edge!!!! I love it!!!!!!:love: It made me decide I want gold hardware:yes:
  12. Gold is my favorite. There are so many fabulous bags in black, by many other designers. I would get a birkin in a neutral or a color!!!!:nuts:
  13. Gold. You need some colour contrast to your already black & brown outfits. And Gold is just wonderful. :p
  14. Black for my first; gold for my second! You cannot go wrong with either!!!
  15. Definitely gold. I'll get a kelly in black ;)