Help! Which color do I go for?

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  1. I'm new to balenciaga (I spend a lot of time over at the LV forums) and recently purchased my first Bbag. I picked up a black town with regular hardware, and I love her!

    Now I'm looking for my second bag and I would like to purchase a city with giant gold or silver hardware. The problem is..I can't make up my mind as to what color I want!

    I'm typically pretty neutral when it comes to bags and can also be kind of rough on them. I use a Speedy 30 Bandouliere normally in DE print, and I beat the crap out of her.

    I'm thinking that I would love a grey city bag, but not sure if I should go grey or go with a brown/taupe neutral. I'm eyeing "Giant 12 Nickel City Bag, Gris Tarmac" currently, while also considering "Giant 12 Nickel City Bag, Anthracite" and "Classic City Bag, Cassis/Bordeaux" or possibly "Classic City Bag, Cumin" with regular HW even though I would prefer the giant gold or silver.

    Can anyone offer any insight? What would you pick?
  2. I love Gris Tarmac, especially with silver hardware. It's a great combo. Anthra with any hardware combo is a classic as well. Good luck.
  3. I totally agree with nikip01.

    Gris Tarmac is an amazing grey. I have bags in both GT and anthracite but I think I prefer the GT a little more. It's a perfect neutral shade of grey and goes with everything!
    I'm totally biased here but I always go for silver hardware, so that would be my pick!
    Good luck! :smile:
  4. I would say Anthracite or Gris Tarmac if you want something a bit more neutral. I also think that the Cigare Fonce looks pretty awesome too, if you want something darker!
  5. I have an Anthra, Cassis, and Cumin.

    Cumin is a great color for the spring/summer but I wouldn't use it everyday or year round. What I like most about it is it's potential to age very well. It's probably the least neutral out of the ones you posted.

    Cassis a a good neutralish color year round. You can wear it with most colors. It can also take more abuse than Cumin since it's darker. I love it so much I have it in a City and Weekender.

    My anthra has the old GRRH and the dreaded green undertone, but I find it can take a lot of abuse and still looks great. This winter it's become my most used bag after my GSH black. You can wear it with just about any color and it looks good.

    If I didn't have Anthra, it would be a tough call between it and GT. But in the end, I think Anthra it's the better neutral.
  6. blue bbag is gorgeous
  7. Giant 12 GHW or SHW Anthracite" and Classic City (any HW) Cassis

    Love the cassis especially
  8. I have Anthracite and Cassis. I love both colors but I find more versatile the Anthra. It is not like Gris Tarmac. The Anthra has either geenish or blueish undertones. A color you cannot really describe in words. I would advise you to go for it!