HELP! Which coat???

  1. You look so cute and petite ... I will go with the first one ... the 2nd one looks too "heavy" with the big pocket and collar
  2. i think you should go with the first one.
  3. i like the second one, the first one looks too boxy
  4. I think I prefer the first one for you, because you have a small frame and look quite petite, so you dont need to be overwhelmed with fabric.
  5. They both look great- The first one lends itself to a more casual direction. The second coat is more professional and "downtown" looking. I would go for the second coat. It seems more versatile.
  6. I think the first one would look cute on you.
  7. I love the second one.
  8. Neither, I found another one for you at Nordstrom. They make it in black as well...
  9. Goodness, I like both of them, plus the one dani1908 chose. Can you believe it's time to buy outerwear again?????
  10. I love this find! I think it's much more age and style appropriate
  11. Well, I ended up ordering the first one... so we shall see... :hrmm:
  12. I prefer the first one
  13. i like the 1st one too
  14. The second one.