Help! Which coat to buy? Either/neither?

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  1. Ladies, I need your opinions ASAP! ... so I heard that the Canada Goose coat I've wanted for months was on sale, ran to the store, and was disappointed to find out that they were out of the color I wanted (black). HOWEVER, they still had a white in my size, which... isn't as nice as the black, but is still very cute. Now, while there, I saw another coat I really like -- a Trovata something-or-rather -- for the same price. Torn, I had the lady snap photos of me with my camphone, and here I am, asking you for your opinions. Appologies for the bad posture and the silly smile.

    Canada Goose: Pros! I'm a bad person and I really like that it's got a fur collar. It's warm enough that if ever I wanted to take up winter sports (you never know!), I'd be able to. Else, I'd never have to be scared of freezing to death while waiting for the bus again. Cons! I'm not 100% sold that the color looks cute on me, and the Trovata looks way cuter.

    Trovata: Pros! This is deadly fashionable, and as the girl at the store pointed out, it goes with everything from mini-skirts to jeans to Uggs. It has a hood that almost fits over my head, and that's really cute too. Cons: Can I find something cuter for this price (~$360 CND?) It's not as warm as the Canada Goose coat, meaning taking up skiing/skating/making snow angels is still out. This disappoints me.

    Thanks, ladies!

  2. The Trovata all the way! But I'm not very practical...
  3. The Trovata one, although I reckon that mini skirts won't really be an ideal bottom for this unless you've got super human heat or you wear 10000layers of leggings/stockings.
  4. This is the Trovata, but it looks like it's sold out online everywhere. I didn't think it was that popular. :O TROVATA JEZEBEL TOGGLE COAT IN NAVY WOOL - Azalea Online

    I guess my biggest concern is whether it's overpriced (it's not even 100% wool), and whether it's "that" cute on me.

    I've spent a few months convincing myself that the Canada Goose will pay for itself in longetivity and practicality, but the Trovata...?
  5. Neither.
  6. If it's a choice between one or the other, I'd say the Trovata. The Canada Goose is not flattering at all. However, I'd say take a look at some other coats. This might just be me, but I think that the white trimming on the navy is a little too big of a contrast and the toggles kind of conflict with the mod look of the rest of the coat. Also the pockets just seem a little too much. Just my opinion.
  7. do you need a grown up coat? or a coat that will keep you warm in winter, no matter what you do?
  8. Which one's the grown up coat? ;) I thought the Trovata looked more "sweet little bohemian" than "grown up." To answer your question --

    Ideally? A little bit of Column A, a little bit of Column B. I need something that'll get me through the Canadian winter, but that'll also look attractive and stand out. Something that's special and practical.

    I had the wild thought of seeing if anyone's still hiring for that week I've got off after exams and before school, see if I can give myself a little more pocket money to play with, but really, I'd rather just skip the quest, buy something, and be done with it.
  9. I think it's very cute, but I'm not crazy about it, to be honest. It's special, but I could get that same sort of "special" from Urban Outfitters, no?
  10. That darker trovata looks AWESOME on you. Definitely go for that one. Honestly, I don't like the fur on the other, and it seems like it would only be cute for skiing, not for much else. But the trovata is gorgeous.
  11. Since you are in Canada, go for warmth.
  12. Canada Goose all the way, so warm and very stylish to wear with jeans, etc.
  13. Trovata please!!!
  14. i say go for the trovata, i've seen plenty of gals wearing the similar style of the white coat everywhere and i think it's starting to get played out.:shrugs:
  15. the one on the right.