Help! Which Coach Bag??

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  1. hey so im new here & need some help choosing which bag to pick.
    ok so my mom bought me this coach signature gallery pouch in bronze for $138.

    [​IMG] click for bigger pic.

    then i was in Lord and Taylor and i saw another bag, which retails for $178 in macys for $133. it has metallic jacquard material with a snakeskin handle. it's slightly larger than the other one. so i have to pick one since they are much too similar to keep both.


    soo if you had to choose which one would you pick and why?? and dont say neither cause thats really not helping me. thanx. ;)
  2. From the pictures, they both seem pretty similar in shape, differing only in the metallic patch on the front, so it really depends on what would be more functional for you. I personally would go for the metallic with the snakeskin handle - you don't need another patch on the front trumpeting the coach logo when you already have the jacquard fabric, the snakeskin handle says details and quality, and the metallic jacquard fabric is eyecatching and pretty (more "happy" to look at than regular coach canvas).
  3. thanx so much for the response. anyone else???
  4. I don't like the metallic coach square on that bag either I don't think the material works with the buckle on the handle either. I love the metallic with the python! If you prefer the patch and buckle on the handle I like regular signature bags better.
  5. I love the snakeskin handle as well and it is also slightly larger so it will be easier to find your keys!
  6. thanx for the responses. i do like the snakeskin handle, but im still anyone else opinions?
  7. I've seen them both and I love the python one and at Macy's that was on sale for 25% off so you are getting a great deal.
  8. Coach,

    What is the real question in your mind? Which were you thinking of returning and why?
  9. They're both pretty similar, but i would personally go for the slightly bigger one. It's better to have a little extra space rather than having an overly packed bag.
  10. i vote for the one without the patch, not a fan of the patch logos
  11. I like the 2nd one. I don't like the patch in the front...
  12. You're so funny! :biggrin: I like Coach, so I wouldn't have said that at all...

    Anyways, I like #2 too.
  13. NUmber two! Patch is'nt needed, especially one so shiny.:amuse:
  14. I have the second one. It's big enough to fit all the essentials. I don't like the bronze patch. It's kinda flashy and hard to match (clothes/accessory).
  15. i went to macys herald square and the snakeskin one is $178 + tax. and the one with the patch is a really popular bestseller, they are all sold out of that color.
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