[Help] Which clutch should I buy?

Which clutch should I buy?

  • Eva DE

    Votes: 22 38.6%
  • Pallas Pink

    Votes: 28 49.1%
  • Felicie Cerise Venis

    Votes: 7 12.3%

  • Total voters


Jan 25, 2017
Hi all,

I want to buy a new clutch, that can hold my iPhone 7 plus, a compact wallet, lipstick, and keys, which I can use for date night, running an errand, shopping, maybe walking. I have 3 options that I like all of them but can not decide. Besides, I want something that I can wear crossbody and over the shoulder.

I like the pink color in Pallas clutch, look so pretty. I also like the Felicie that it has something inside that I can use separately and the red venis look so yummy. I never see pink Pallas clutch and Felicie venis in real life but I saw some girls with Eva DE and it looks so good on them.

Which one do you prefer?

Thank you!