Help Which Cles? Azur? Ebeny?


azur or brown?

  1. AZUR(white)

  2. EBENY(brown)

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  1. cles/key and change holder not sure what everyone calls it anymore, but im planning to get a cles, i have a olav pm in daimer, i was planning to buy the azur n attach it to the olav, a bit of color mix match or something, should i get azur or plain damier!

    this is AZUR
    key n change.jpg
  2. I prefer the azur. It's SO PRETTY!
  3. a say ebene: a clés is a piece you will use a lot, throw it in your bag, put it in your pocket... I think azur will get dirty easily
  4. I'd get an azur, it'd be a really cute contrast on the olav ! :yes:
  5. btw im male, will it look to feminine?
  6. Azur :yes:
  7. I love mix-matching .... so I'd get the AZUR.
  8. Azur!

    although mine is abit dirty on the zipper and the corner after 1 year, still prefer it over the ebeny
  9. i have the ebony (to match my speedies) and i love it! as the others have said, if you are going to throw it in your bag, ebony is probably better.

    however, i also love the look of the azur (on my wishlist too!) and the contrast would be nice!
  10. Azur though the Ebene would be more lasting... :p
  11. Brown.
  12. azur is so cute but ebene is much easy to use... azur cles is so hard to use I think.
  13. I'm going to buy an Azur cles for my Trevi. I like mixing Azur and Ebony but I have second thoughts now cause everyone mentioned it might get dirty. But I already have an Ebony pochette wallet in there so I want a piece of Azur.
  14. Azur for sure! I think it's just fine for a guy!!! ;)
  15. If you are worried about Azur getting dirty, then get the Ebene. I know that's why I ended up getting the Ebene... because I live in a filthy city and everything I have gets dirty!