HELP! which classic flap?

  1. Hi! i need some major help ladies!
    im currently looking for a chanel bag to buy
    and i have my eye on the classic flap
    but! i dont know which color to get
    i'm 20 (i hope the classic flap wont make me look too old!!)
    i initially wanted white but now im leaning towards the black because im scared that the white one will be hard to take care of (even if white is so much prettier for me ): )
    but anyways, would a black classic flap with silver h/w make me look too old??

  2. Lol you're just like me!

    Atm I'm deciding between the caviar/lambskin flap because white is too hard to maintain.

    This is a bag that you would probably use for the rest of your life, I think you should get it!!!
  3. I have no idea why I'm awake and responding to posts at this hour haha... well yes I do... studying for exams blows! :tdown: Anyway, before I go to sleep, I thought I'd offer my opinion (please excuse my wording... it's soo late haha). :smile:

    Anyway, I don't think a classic flap is old looking at all... it's all in how you wear it IMO. :smile: I'm in my twenties, and classic flaps are among my absolute favorite bags (in fact, I was attracted to Chanel some years back because of the classic flap)!! :heart:

    For a first Chanel flap, I think a medium (or Jumbo, depending on whether or not you want it to fit more/be a bit more casual) black caviar flap w/ silver hardware would be a great choice. :tup: Check out the Reference Library for pics of both the medium and Jumbo flaps! :smile:

    Alternatively, there is a gorgeous black crackled patent medium flap with silver hardware that is just TDF (I just bought this one as well), and it would be a stunning first flap. Here is a picture of mine:
    This is coming out in the Jumbo size soon, so that might be another option.

    As for white flaps, I love them (and in caviar, you don't really have to worry about it getting dirty... it's a very durable leather), but I think that the black might be more versatile... of course, you should get what you really want... I think that you can always buy a white flap after you get a black haha. :p Anyway, I'm practically falling asleep here haha... hope that helped a bit and wasn't too incomprehensible! :heart:
  4. a classic flap will not make you look older. i love the black with silver hardware. best of luck.
  5. Completely agree, a classic black with silver is young, fresh, and can look very rock chick too!

    If you consider the bijoux chain too, IMO that looks even more modern.

    Good luck with deciding. With your first Chanel, the decision is almost as much fun as actually buying it :biggrin:
  6. do not worry! the black classic flap will not make you look old.. its a classic by its own.. go get it.
  7. A classic black with silver hardware will not make you look older. It's a classy beautiful bag. You will enjoy it.
  8. Black with silver is a very good choice.:tup:
    I have a white lambskin with gold hardware:heart: and it is kind of fragile.
    So I think, go for the black, medium or large.
  9. black classic flap with s/h would be a great choice! it's gorgeous
  10. A black classic flap with silver h/w would be chic! :heart: I love the white too so that's a hard choice. I would definitely go with caviar for lower maintenance. I have a black flap with gold h/w and i haven't used it yet. I'm going to get a white one soon hopefully so it all depends on what your comfortable with and how it complements your wardrobe.
  11. Hold on with touting only silver hardware. I agree on black as it goes with just about everything, any time/any occasion. I love the gold hardware and it is not only the original hardware available but it's a touch of class, not age. As for silver hardware, it looks better on some bags -- it just depends on if the color is warm or cool toned. All warm colors look absolutely fantastic with gold hardware, no doubt about it. I'll make reference to the recent post about a member who found a black reissue with gold hardware. Everyone is raving about how fantastic the bag looks. Indeed it does!!! Don't pass up on gold hardware.
  12. black is timeless so dont worry abt it looking old on you.

    IMO i think its a safer option than white because you dont have to worry about dirt
  13. how a bout black with gold? it's the original look of chanel IMO.. I've been saving up for a few months now and im hoping to have one soono before the price increases. Goodluck to us.
  14. Another vote for black medium with silver h/w here. Gold is gorgeous too, but I see far more older women wearing gold than younger women (and I speak as a woman in the middle!) - I am a bit silly though about matching jewellery and h/w so find it hard to imagine gold h/w will ever have a place in my life - in which case, best ignore me!
  15. I agree with jmen. I think because the caviar is a "plain" leather compared to lambskin, that the classic black caviar flap should be gold to make it stand out more. I have a white caviar flap, but like jmen said, bc its a cool tone color, it looks awesome in silver hw.