Help! Which choice, A, B, C or D?

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  1. I just got delivered the SPeedy 35b ebene the strap. Also got the ebene pochette w/ gold chain. LOVE it.

    Originally I was torn between the speedy 35b and the NEverful, because lately I am taking a bunch of makeup and ipod with speakers, etc. to work. I was thinking of the neverful for work and I already own the LV mono speedy 35b and I LOVE that so much, I only use it on the weekends if it is sunny all day. So that's why I got the ebene bag.
    ps: i also own the zippy wallet in lv mono...

    BUT now I am trying to decide
    a) do I keep the speedy 35b and get the zippy ebene wallet
    b) keep the speedy 35 b and INSTEAD of zippy wallet get the Neverful GM Ebene
    c) Don't spend any more $ and get nothing else, no wallet, no neverfull
    d) return the speedy 35b and get the neverful
    e) return the speedy 35b and get the neverful and the matching wallet

    My logic here is:
    If I keep the speedy 35 ebene, I can use that when I feel like it and when it is going to rain and when I feel like carrying a zippered top..... and I could use the Neverful for running around Mon-Fri for work -quick access...... ???

    What do you guys think??? I was saving up for other things, ***BUT was planning on spending $800 on the Ebene Zippy Wallet for Xmas anyway (but was getting earlier :smile: ) , so my thinking was leaning towards, instead of the wallet, I already have the LV mono zippy wallet, get yourself the Neverful that you also like......... HELP!! :smile:

  2. Return speedy B and get only a NF.That way you have 2 different functional bags.
  3. B. And choice C not gonna happen on this forum...we are a bunch of enablers :smile:
  4. Thanks! Anyone else out there? I'm going to LV today to check out hte mm and gm neverfull to get a "feeling" of what to do....
  5. +1:smile:
  6. I say B
  7. Another vote for B.
  8. option B!!
  9. B. certainly not C!!! (gasp)
  10. +1:smile:

    I vote for B!
  11. Def B!!!
  12. +2 :smile:
  13. Definitely option B :smile:
  14. B - keep speedy b and get neverfull :biggrin:
  15. B