Help! Which Chanel should I keep?

  1. Hi,
    This is my first thread posted in this forum but I have been admiring from afar. I have purchased two Chanel bags recently, a black classic flap medium bag with a gold chain and a GST tote in black with a silver chain. I have two young children so must carry the necessary cheerios, juice box etc....The thought of ruining one of these bags makes me ill. I am thinking of returning the GST as I can always use the classic flap to go out (no kids!). Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. good choice! you should keep that classic black....anyways, with kids, we can't wear nice bag, the thought of ruining the bag driving me nuts!
  3. GST is timeless classic. If you can afford, keep it.
  4. Personally I would keep the GST!!! More versatile. But both are lovely choices either way.
  5. that's a tough decision to make... both are wonderful bags. I personally would keep the GST, like you I have a young one, and I would get more use of the GST...
  6. keep the GST it is a nice everday bag
  7. i would personally keep the gst too :p
  8. both are gorgeous bags but i would keep the medium flap since you use it all the time to go out!!
  9. I would say keep the GST too. You can use it more than the classic flap.
  10. keep the GST, i think it will suite your lifestyle better and at the same time you'll look stylish. =)
  11. agreed^. you will get more use with a daytime casual bag like the gst, and the caviar is pretty tough, it can stand up to your kids. enjoy whichever you choose!
  12. Keep the black classic flap. If your main concern is getting something on the bag it will happen to the GST tote if you use it as a daily bag with two kids, and you will always have angst every time you carry it. The flap is a beautiful classic timeless bag which you can enjoy on those times you go out without the kids.
  13. Both are such classics... can't keep them both?

    I guess the big question here is how often do you go out without your kids? Because if it's not that often and you can only afford to keep one - it may be better to keep the GST since at least you'll have more of a chance to wear it on a somewhat regular basis. Saying that though.. if you already have a workhorse everyday bag and you don't mind that the Chanel is used/carried out only once in awhile as long as it stays clean/beautiful then keeping the flap makes sense...

    Either way - I don't think you can really go wrong!
  14. ITA ^^
  15. I love the flap. :heart: