Help: Which Chanel bag i should choose for my becoming wife / wedding gift?


Jan 20, 2017
Hello everyone,
i am a man. I am looking to buy a designer bag for my future wife.
I thought about chanel, but i have no big clue about the collections, thus i am seeking for help at TPF.
My future wife is 26.
My idea was to buy a bag she can use more for fancy dinner / private events, etc, with heels for eg. So i wasn't going for the classic black 2.55, timeless,...
I was thinking about something more in gold / silver, brillant style etc.

Can you help me ?
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Dec 9, 2016

If she would like a fancy occasional bag I suggest you get her a Chanel Boy Bag, it's become a signature style for them and they release many styles per season. They come in small, medium, large and jumbo (although jumbo is too big).
Can come in silver or gold hardware. Plus they are gorgeous and have a high resale value.

I've attached a pic of some of the current ones they sell but they have a LOT more in store.

I can guarantee you that she will love it x



Jan 20, 2017
Thank you HeySexy. I will have a look this weekend to a chanel store.
But i have the impression that not all the colors are on


Apr 10, 2015
What is her style (girly, classic, tomboy)? Like in the beginning I thought I would live the boy, but I'm more of a classic double flap girl (I'm 28). Also will she be careful with bags (lambskin which is butter soft) or is caviar better (grained calf skin) which she will be able to use more carefree.


May 28, 2015
I think if you are only looking to buy at Chanel and she does not have any Chanel bags yet - classic double flap is a great choice, and I would wear it to events, just not the jumbo size, but m/l or mini. It's timeless and can be worn in everyday life as well.
But if you certainly don't want classic flap then I would suggest to ask SA at the store to see all of the availability on the iPad, so if she doesn't have some models in store she can find out which other boutique has it.


Dec 6, 2013
PV Estates, CA
What a thoughtful fiance you are! My suggestion is that since it is her first Chanel, I would take her with you so she can try bags on and pick out just what she wants. I know you wanted to give her a beautiful surprise, but a special shopping trip with you will be just as memorable and sweet. I purchased a bag last week with my husband. I love him to death, but the bags he wanted me to try on were not what I wanted at all. I ended up with a small bag, even though he preferred the medium size version. The strap length of the medium didn't work for my height, something he wouldn't have known if I wasn't there.

If a shopping trip with her isn't an option, I would agree that a classic flap or a reissue is best for a first bag. I love the look of the Boy, but it is too boxy for me.
Jul 28, 2009
Orange County, CA
I would go with a classic flap or reissue in a neutral color - she will wear it for many years to come.

If you really want to get something colorful (warning: she may not use it as much as you think since they are more difficult to match), Chanel came out with some gorgeous metallic clutches for either FW'16 or Cruise 16/17 (I forget which). Hopefully they still have them in stores.


Jan 20, 2015
How very sweet of you! If you really want to surprise your fiancee, I think you should talk to her mom/sister/best friend for some guidance. They can ask her casually (without raising suspicion) if she has any preferences.

If that's not an option and, since you mentioned you're not really looking to get a classic flap or reissue, I suggest a WOC or a mini flap bag (yes still a flap but better for evenings). Smaller bags like those are more suited to evenings out and come in some nice colors this season.


Apr 19, 2008
You are very sweet! My hubby also bought me a Chanel as a wedding gift and i chose the medium classic flap in caviar in black. It is the ultimate classic chanel and it goes with any fancy or casual outfit (only downside is that it has a short strap that can only be worn on the the shoulder and not crossbody, which wasn't a problem til kids came along)

If you are not looking for black, chanel does amazing reds and beige every season, however these may be harder to come by. Best option would be to go into the store and speak with a SA who can show you the bags. Or as others have suggested, take your future wife with you (I loved choosing my own bag at my first chanel boutique experience! Trying on the different options and touching/feeling the bags, all part of the experience)

there are so many sizes, leather, quilting and hardware options that you have to see it to know what is suitable for her (or for her to see what makes her heart sing!)

Good luck! Please let us know what bag you choose in the end! [emoji847]
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Jul 11, 2006
Classic flap would be my vote! A timeless piece to use in a lifetime of marriage together. Either CC or Reissue (maybe that is where you get guidance from ladies close to her?).

The boy flaps are quite nice but they just aren't timeless to me. Good luck!
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I could give up shopping, but I'm not a quitter.
Jun 28, 2015
That is very swee of you!!

Here's a question: how soon and often will you be buying her the next Chanel bag? If you want to get her a "forever piece" that she can use for many occasions including evening events AND can be causal without looking too "loud" with the logo then you want to get her something that will not look outdated in 5/10/20 years - at her age I cannot see a better and classier choice than a black reissue distressed calfskin with aged gold hardware in the 225 size. If she prefers the Chanel cc logo lock then the classic flap in M/L would be just as great. While boy bags are often an "acquired taste" for many ppl (sort of love/hate), I rarely meet a woman who doesn't love the classic flaps (reissue or timeless classic style). If you prefer a smaller size the rectangular minis or woc are great options too.

Great point by others comment that bright colors might be hard to match for evening and Metallics are very delicate (rub off color/corner wear/color transfer etc). Therefore if you are serious about getting metallic IMO you should seriously consider getting dark silver or bronze in a caviar or goat leather as those would be more durable AND easier universal colors that would match almost any color outfits. Don't want to spend all that $ on a lovely Chanel bag that end up sitting pretty in her closet because it doesn't "go with" the color of her dress or clash with the outfit style (flaps style go with everything hence caked the "timeless classics" and the icon that Chanel has built an empire on...

Good luck and hope it helps
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Feb 4, 2010
Definitely a black or beige jumbo flap :] And maybe silver HW if she wears a lot of silver or gold if she wears gold


Aug 22, 2013
I would definitely pick a classic flap for it will be her first Chanel bag and if you want something really classy. I feel a boy is not the right pick for a wedding present. Since you want her to use it for going out I would choose the small or mini classic.
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