Help! Which Carly?

  1. I don't know much about Coaches, most of my collection is Rebecca
    Minkoff. Sorry if I don't know the correct names!

    My birthday was yesterday my Mother got me a Coach Carly in chili (I think, it's bright red) she got it from a Coach store, but it has a spot on the leather. My question:

    Should I stick with red or trade it for the turquoise (slim I think)? I don't have a red or blue purse at all.
  2. hey lindz... its the red beet color, right? or is it the berry (which is more a purple "ish" color?)... its up to you on what you wear a lot and what you think you'd get the most use out of... I personally like mostly all the carly's, but in the signature style (the one that you got from your mom)... i'm not too thrilled about the turquoise carly... IMO
  3. I thought the chili was the all leather? Is this the all leather?? If so, I actually like the larger Carlys much better than the slim. However, I do like that blue color. THe only thing I don't like about the chili and chocolate leather is that there is no contrast with the trim and strap. I would like to see a contrasting color for the trim.
  4. o... oops... i'm probably totally wrong... i thought she was talking about the signature carly... LOL
  5. i really like the new slim carly in turquoise...such a POP of color. btw~~i'm eyeing a RM! love the MAM....YUM!
    good luck w/ your choice and let us know what you get!
  6. I tried on the turqoise slim Carly today and I love her! I would go for the blue.
  7. Well I tried the slim Carly on and it wasn't really my style but more importantly Coach made the strap out of patent so it slipped off every millisecond.. it was really annoying. :mad: I would try them out.. Good Luck! :tup:
  8. Thanks! It is all leather and a pretty true red. BTW it is the large! The turquoise is such a great color, but I really like the larger size.
  9. personally i prefer the chili. love that bag!
  10. Do you have a Coach store near you where you can try out the slim? It would help to try them both on and see which one you like better. Be sure to put your own stuff in the bag when you try it on, so you can get a sense of how it would look and feel. For me personally, the slim doesn't look right on me, but other people have said they love it, so it really depends on how it fits on you. I do love the chili color, though, it's beautiful!