HELP!! Which Carly Looks Better On Me??

  1. Okay fellow tpf'ers I need your help!!! :wtf: I have gone through the whole Large/Medium Carly size issue before :rolleyes: So I bought a medium Khaki/Black Carly a couple of months ago and have loved it even though sometimes it can look a little small, it holds all of my things and has been great. I have seen the large Carlys on others and thought it looked great but always thought it looked huge on me.. came across a great deal on a Large Khaki/Black that I just couldn't pass up. :okay: Anyway, it came yesterday and I am honestly stuck. I love things about both of them. The large feels kind of heavy and is bigger than I need, but I am 5'10' and hubby and my mom think the large looks better on me, for the most part. The small seems lighter but sometimes can look small I think.. so I need your opinions!. Here are the two.. sorry for the not so great pictures. ;)




  2. I you are 5'10" and you can stand to carry the extra weight...go for the large. They both look great on you, I think! Good luck deciding!
  3. I think the large looks great on you! I think with your height you need the large, the small looks a little too small. Keep the large!!
  4. I would say of you can hold the extra weight on your shoulder I would go for the large! Maybe it is just because I am a big bag girl, but the large carly gets me every time! They both look wonderful on you by the way!
  5. They both do look good on you!
    I would choose the medium if the large feels too heavy and you really don't need all of the room. That is the reason I sold my large and am now waiting for my medium :yes: IMO you will be more comfortable in the long run with the lighter bag especially if you carry it often.
  6. I think the large looks a bit more chic than the medium.
  7. I think both look great on you, keep the large. I would have to see it in person but from the pics, I say large but they both look good.
  8. Thanks guys.. man this is hard! I am not a big bag girl but I don't like teeny bags either. :rolleyes: The large does seem quite a bit heavier for some reason, but I am not sure why since there really isn't that much more hardware or anything. :shrugs:
  9. i'm going with the large carly.
  10. They both look nice on you but I think the large is a better proportion for your height. From the pics, the medium looks kind of "highschoolish" if that makes any sense. Once you have a bigger bag, you'll find stuff to fill it with, and then you'll wonder how you ever made due with small bags!
  11. I agree that the large looks better on you, since you are so tall. They both look nice though!
  12. That is exactly what I was thinking! It makes no sense why it is so much heavier!! I carried mine for a few days and the weight was a turn off for me and I am shorter and am not as tiny as you girl! I can take weight, but for a bag, I don't want it to be heavy even with nothing in it. The large does look good on you as does the medium. Good luck!
  13. I love the Large. I'm not a Carly girl,(obviously I am in the minority) but this one looks really nice on you. I love that it hits at the waist (maybe a teensy bit below). Also...I really like how it hangs under your arm. It looks really comfortable.
  14. I thought I'd like the medium but after seeing the pics I think the large looks fantastic on you. Not many people can pull that bag off but I think it looks great on you!
  15. I think the large looks better....I'm in the same boat as you, I'm also 5'10" and the larger bags "look" better on me but I prefer medium/small bags for the little amount of stuff that I carry and for the lighter weight....tough call! If the large isn't TOO heavy for you, I would go with that one. :tup: