help! Which cambon? :)

  1. Hey you alll! Being on this forum has made me go crazy :graucho: and I think I am finally ready to make my first Chanel purchase...but I can't decide between the Large Cambon Flap Tote in black with the black CC's or just the Large Cambon Tote in black with the patent CC's all? Opinions? Which one do you like better?
  2. Well I know Nordstrom Mall of America has the Tote in black with the black patent CCs for what it's worth...
  3. I love the Cambon Flap and it seems to be the least common. . . can you actually even find one of those?
  4. I found im like 99.999999999% sure it's authentic...but I'm undecided still. AH. i agree though, that's why I want to get the Flap because it's way less common..
  5. if you can ger one and KNOW it's authentic, I'd be all over it if I were you!