help- which burberry boots to keep??


Which print- giant check or the skinny check with horses?

  1. Giant check-cute

  2. skinny check with horses-classy

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  1. I really like the second one, although both are cute.
  2. I really like the first pair!!
  3. Before spending $170 on RUBBER rain boots, please give that some careful thought.

    (I'm a fan of Burburry handbags, but the boots IMO take designer greediness a bit too far).
  4. The second one:tup:. I really like it. It's a bit more "dressy" and feminine, if you can apply those descriptors to a rain boot. The first one just looks functional and everyday.
  5. Thanks for your advice but,rainboots are a necessity to me-when its raining hard they are the only thing i wear- so why not get cute ones that make me feel good- anyone agree with me?
  6. If you live in an area that rains a lot, I agree with you. Or even if it snows.

    I live in Texas, where there is little of both, so . . .
  7. I voted for skinny check w/ horse. I'm concerned that the large print might give the illusion of a large calf? I don't know, just thinking out loud.

  8. I AGREE!!! i think those are so cute.. i like the first ones..
  9. i vote for the 1st one:yes:
  10. At first glance they looked alike but on a closer look I voted for #2. I agree with you that if you are wearing boots a lot why not get something really cute! Also, $170 isn't that bad (compared to a bag)
  11. my vote is for the first pair
  12. #2, definitely!
  13. Man, I just made the poll tie... I definitely go with #2~!
  14. Guess we haven't been much help;)

    The take away is you can't go wrong with either!