Help - Which bracelet? Tiffany vs Bvlgari

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  1. Hiya gals

    The recent spate of discussions on bracelets (esp the LOVE!!) has made me yearn for one this Christmas. Sadly I can't afford to splurge on the Cartier LOVE bracelet so I have shortlisted the following 3. Which one do you prefer? And do you think they are unisex? I prefer that my husband can wear it too so that when he gets upset with my spending, I can say, "Its actually for u, surprise!" Lol.
    1 - 1837 cuff. Its about 1.5K

    2. 1837 bangle. Its about 1.4K (strangely cheaper although its full circle compared to the semi circle above)

    3. Bvlgari B.zero1 stainless steel-gold cuff bracelet. I actually prefer the full gold version but i m sure its very expensive. Does anyone know the price of the these bvlgari cuffs?

    4. I know its unrelated but my forth choice is actually an Omega constellation - my choice automatic watch with mother of pearl dial. Its about the same price as the tiffany.

    I love Christmas! Thanks for the help ladies!
  2. i prefer the 2nd one, but i like them both!they are really classy!:heart:
  3. The second one!!
  4. First one :smile:
  5. I love the bulgari bracelet
  6. I'd go with the Omega
  7. I have the second one in silver, DH got it for me as a surprise bday gift (he knows he can't go wrong at T&Co!). It's a great everyday bangle - it's substantial, but not *too* substantial, KWIM? I vote #2!
  8. I like the bracelet from Bvlgari
  9. I have the second (I brought it for myself when my kitten passed away. I had her name engraved on it & the name of my DH's cat who passed away a few months before mine sounds weird but, was really a sweet thing). I wear it almost every day and just love it. Classy.

    That Bvlargi is neat! I think it's a little more daring and dramatic.

    Those are my favs--which is right for you? Go try 'em on! (if you have a Tiffany's or Bvlgari in the neighborhood). Understated class v. Dramatic statement! Have fun and let us know which one you get!
  10. Bvlgari for me! It's mighty gorgeous!
  11. I like the Bulgari one! Seems more manly.
  12. Bvlgari, the design is much more unique.
  13. I have both of the tiffany bangles in silver. The first one (the cuff) can pinch and hurt your arm. The second one is much more comfortable on the arm.
  14. i would get the watch.
  15. #2