Help!! Which boy WOC should I keep?

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  1. I got these two babies home: a calf skin black on black boy woc and electric red patent woc! I can't decide which one to keeep! I prefer red since I don't own any red purse yet and it's more fun and young. But I think the black one would probably be more classic and last longer. I currently own a m/l beige, dark navy new mini and a black gst. Which one should I keep? So hard!

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  2. Hard decision. I agree with your assessment that the red is more fun while the black is more classic. Based on the purses you have currently, I feel like a pop of color like red would better diversify your collection. You said you prefer red. Is your heart telling you red but your mind telling you black because it is more practical? Which WOC would you be more likely to regret returning?

    Is there any way to keep both? :graucho: get an advanced withdrawal from your future shopping fund?
  3. Oh I LOVE them both!!! I think if you have to pick, go red. But if you can, I'd keep both!!! Congrats!
  4. oh wow! i am not sure i would be able to pick!!! they are both gorgeous! :heart:

    i agree with allure244 who said keep the one you would have more regret returning ;)
  5. It would appear by your initial post that you do not have a red if you must return one then keep the red.
  6. They red definitely stands out more. The black one does seem like it would be more practical. I like the black hardware too. I have black quilted and halfmoon and red quilted wocs and truthfully I use the black ones a lot more than my red one. You really can't go wrong as either choice, they are both beautiful.
  7. I would keep the black but that's because I'm more of a black purse girl!!

    By the way, where did you get the black one? It seems to be sold out everywhere!!
  8. Both are gorgeous. I'm not a patent person but if you are super comfortable with patent.. Base on your collection, a pop of color is the way to go. Maybe dress up in multiple outfits (jackets, etc) and see which one truly sings to you :smile:.
  9. Red looks yummy.
  10. Both if you can! But black on black if you can only have one
  11. I like the red, it's beautiful!👍

    Instagram: @lisa_vong
  12. Congrats!

    You really can't keep both?

    From what you said, I think either one you return you will prob regret tho.

    I do see your need to add a color but black on black is so special that I wouldn't want to pass

    Good luck with ur decision
  13. They are both fabulous! If, you can keep both, I would. I love the pop of red:smile:)
  14. Keep 1. Go with the one u wear most.

    I advice against keeping both because they are too I similar in design. Get another WOC in another colors. Chanel has so many WOC options.
  15. Definitely red , if you love that particular red - reason being Chanel doesn't always make the same "red" shade for very long. That said if you love that color red, it could be a very long time before it comes along again or you will need to go the pre loved route to acquire. Black - much easier to get.
    Good luck! SB