help! which botkier bryant hobo color should i choose?!

  1. i recently fell in love with the botkier bryant hobo. at first, i was sure i wanted it in black then i saw the bronze at, and now i'm not so sure! i already have two other black bags, but i consider both a bit dressy (marc jacobs venetia and chanel baby cabas). i'm looking for a casual weekend bag. on the other hand, i don't have a metallic bag yet, and i would love to own one.

    here's part two of the problem: i can get 15% off the black hobo using a promo code at one of the online shopping sites. what should i do? which one do you guys like better? any input would be greatly appreciated!



  2. The bronze one is sooooo cute
  3. I like bronze too. I have a grey one and it's very cute as well. :yes:
  4. I'm now wary of the botkier metallics. I had ordered the metallic plum rose satchel and it felt like pleather; when I posted, I got a lot of info saying that wasn't unusual for their metallics to feel like that. It's not for me! I like the black!
  5. I like both, BUT I would personally buy the black because I'm not sure about the quality of Botkier leather and I hear people have had problems with them. With that kind of uncertainty, I tend to go with darker colors.
  6. The darker one
  7. Have you considered the grey?
  8. ^ it's funny you asked that because i just placed an order on the grey bryant. since i rarely use my two other black bags, i realized that it wouldn't be any different with this one, and i'd end up wasting money. the grey looked nice, so i went for that one instead. i was having reservations because i recently bought a grey marc jacobs bag, but it's an oversized tote, so the hobo would serve as a smaller casual throw around-type bag. plus, if a girl can't have too many black bags, i could say the same for grey, right? it goes with everything! here's hoping i love the color! :sweatdrop:

    i really appreciate everyone's input. you guys are great.
  9. I like the bronze :tup: