Help! Which botkier bianca should I keep?...if any!

  1. For Christmas I just got two Botkier Biancas from my boyfriend; one is a medium in concord with gold hardware; the other one is large in the dark brown/silver hardware. He left it up to me to choose, because he wasn't sure which one I'd like. But I am a bit disapointed in how light they both are, the large seems too big and the medium too small. They are similar in color, so I really don't know. I was thinking of returning both of them, and getting another bag, but that would really hurt his feelings! Please help!
  2. maybe you could post pics? because i'm not familiar with botkier :p
  3. I think The Biancas are very pretty bags. I had a medium and thought it was a great size (for me). But they are a little dressy for me, and I never liked the top flap that you had to undo in order to get into the bag, so I sold mine. I'd keep the medium if any but what a nice BF to buy you 2 bags to choose from. Why not take him to the store with you while you return one (or both) and look around at other bags. Maybe if he sees your eyes light up on another bag he will ask if you want that one instead.
  4. I wish he"d bought them at a store, he ordered both bags from so I can't go shopping for other bags! But thank you.
  5. I vote for the medium in concord. good luck w/ your decision.
  6. i got the bianca large satchel in bone gold for christmas which i love. you have a tough decision because i like the concord with gold hardware better but i love the large bag. but if you like smaller bags then go with the medium.
  7. I love the Bianca and would love one in black. I think the medium is a good size. If you don't love either though, return.
  8. Return both & find a bag that you truely love in color & in size :smile:
  9. Thanks guys. I actually went to Nordstrom today and saw the Botkier Crosby North South Satchel in black with gold hardware!! I think I'm in love...what do you guys think?