HELP! Which bag?

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  1. I'm new to LV, I have always said i would NEVER spend money on monogramed canvas....but now I really want one. here are my two current choices.....

    I have a local consignment shop that has a cerises speedy in near perfect condition for $1200, i love red and cherries and the bag is so cute. My husband (who, um, finances my bags) thinks its outdated and would rather get something current....but he almost bought it for me in vegas a few years ago, because I LOVE cherries. Untill he remembered i didnt like LV....

    my other fave is the hudson pm.

    what do you think? what would you do? I know the hudson pm isnt overly popular here, but i really like it. I :heart: the cerises, but not sure if its still 'current' as you dont see them carried much anymore!
  2. Hudson PM is probably more practical. Cerise is cute, I don't like carrying bags that have a cutesy motif since I might outdate myself.:sweatdrop:
  3. " you dont see them carried much anymore" hehe..that's the beauty of it :graucho: . No LV is outdated IMO but buy what you love and feel comfortable carrying.:yes:
  4. As I already have the Hudson PM, I'd get the Speedy :graucho:
    Do you prefer hand held or shoulder bags? Also keep in mind that the Speedy is way lighter than Mrs. Hudson :yes:
  5. point taken...and i think i get that more than my hubby. my current fave bag is my 05 bbag purse.

    so i guess i like shoulder bags better... but i have SO many.
  6. I prefer the Hudson PM, but the front buckle may be a lil annoying....if you know what I mean....
  7. I like how the hudson looks but it depends on you actually, which bag do you see yourself using more and loving more? If you LOVE cherries, then the speedy is perfect for you IMO.
  8. I love bags that are first 2 LV purchases were from the graffiti line and then a special order bag. I say go for the cerises speedy if you still love cherries! Who cares if it's "current"...I LOVE when a bag is unique and not carried by everyone on the street!

    Good luck with your decision!
  9. Cerises!
  10. Cerises all the way! If you already have shoulder bags, you should try to diversify your closet more :winkiss:
  11. I have a cerise speedy- bought it from a consignment shop as well! Brand new condition - I love it- no regrets!
  12. If you love the Cerises, go for it! I personally think the look is fresh BECAUSE you don't see them around anymore :yes:
  13. You should get what you love. Both are very nice bags.